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Warren spirals in Hollyoaks as Fergus brings escape to Mexico forward

But will all go to plan?

Since Maxine’s relationship with Trish is still strained, Trish decides to aggravate the situation with a sudden revelation about her move to Mexico.

With Fergus’ escape to Mexico brought forward, Warren comes up with an idea to gather information quickly. But will Joel be sneaky enough for the task?

Whilst Warren and Joel work on getting him home, Felix can’t let Martine go through getting her bandages off without him. But with Fergus keeping a watchful eye on the village, will he avoid being seen?

Felix’s wandering has his accomplices’ furious, but they can’t let Warren go off the rails so Joel reaches out to Hollyoaks’ go-to-lawyer and it seems he might have found something to help.

The findings send Warren spiralling and he’s ready to do his worst, but Fergus has shocking news for him that stops him in his tracks.

Making it clear that his only priority is getting Trish to Mexico, Fergus suggests an agreement that might work for both him and Warren.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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