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Warren stops at nothing to save himself in Hollyoaks

And Martine faces an ultimatum.

Whilst trying to protect himself from getting arrested for robbery and assault, Warren reaches new lows. After discovering that his dad is guilty, Joel confronts Warren and they get into a heated discussion that ends with an ultimatum - turn yourself in, or I will.

Coming clean, Warren agrees to Joel’s decision but after a conversation with Fergus, he has a change of heart - and his decision could have deadly consequences.

After Warren threatens Cleo's life, knowing how much he still cares for her, Joel agrees to keep Warren's secret but later warns Cleo about Warren's threat after she notices that something is wrong.

Later, Maxine worries about Warren prioritising work but he’s glad to have some more time to spend on the business.

Meanwhile, whilst Grace tries to gather information from the police, Felix is questioned by PC Franks about his whereabouts during the Price Slice heist. In order to protect Martine, he remains tight-lipped.

After deciding to tell the police where Felix was during the robbery, Martine bumps into Grace. Still going to the police, she chooses not to tell Grace about the alibi.

Later, PC Franks tells her anyway and Grace gives Felix the opportunity, to tell the truth, but he lies. Trying to catch Felix out, Grace keeps pretending she doesn’t know about his cheating and invites both him and Martine out for drinks.

Whilst out, Grace gives a speech about loyalty that makes Martine realise that she must know what happened, and she comes clean to her friend. But Grace doesn’t let them off that easily and gives Martine an ultimatum.

Martine decides whether she wants to continue her friendship with Grace, or explore a possible romance with Felix, but the decision is taken out of her hands.

After airing his concerns for if Martine lets Felix back, Walter later has a big ask for Felix and with the robbery still haunting him, Warren uses it to his advantage to scope out whether it’s the right time to make a move on the shop.

And later, an outburst in the Deveraux family makes Walter come to a drastic decision.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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