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Warring exes Nicolette and Kiri cause havoc for Leo in Neighbours

Can they mend their rift to work together on the vineyard?


Before Leo can break the news to Kiri, Byron and Nicolette arrive at the vineyard and it’s an extremely awkward and tense meeting between the two exes, especially when both parties realise the other has also made an offer to buy into the vineyard.

Though Byron and Nicolette pitch their hearts out, determined to be chosen over Kiri, Leo admits neither of them can offer as much as Vic originally was planning, so in a perfect world, he’d partner with all three.

Trying to successfully navigate the potential issue of Kiri and Nicolette working together, Leo offers a trial period so the foursome can see how they gel. Despite everyone agreeing, when Kiri later runs into Nicolette there’s still a lot of tension between the two women and it’s painfully clear that this trial isn’t going to be smooth sailing.

Ahead of the vineyard’s product launch, Kiri gets into boss mode, aided by Haz, Mackenzie, and Nicolette who joylessly follows her ex’s directions, which include all of the lowliest and dirtiest jobs.

Amidst the work, Nicolette and Kiri miss each other’s surreptitious glances, both of them secretly wanting something more from each other. After a full day of simmering tension, the two women finally have it out and Kiri admits she’s still angry about how their relationship ended with Nicolette trying to seduce Sasha.

After confessing that somewhere along the line, both her and Sasha developed feelings for one another, Nicolette wants to explain herself further, but Kiri leaves before she has the chance.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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