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WEDDING DAY DASH in Emmerdale as Marlon spends the night before his wedding in hospital

Will he share his bad news with Rhona?

As Marlon tries to get to his feet at his impromptu stag do, his legs suddenly buckle and he falls to the ground.

When Paddy suggests that he gets checked out at the hospital, Marlon agrees just as long as there’s no ambulance and Rhona is left out of the loop.

Later at the Hospital, an utterly devastated Marlon is knocked for six when the doctor informs him that the results indicate an extremely high blood pressure and he'll have to stay overnight.

When the morning of the wedding arrives, an ecstatic Rhona is still in the dark about Marlon, who is utterly bewildered when the doctor tells him that his blood pressure readings are still too high for him to be discharged. As Paddy tries to keep Marlon calm, they both become equally stressed out.

As Mary and Vanessa attempt to delay her from attending the church, Rhona can feel that something is wrong. Hoping that Marlon will still turn up, Vanessa reassures her.

Meanwhile, Priya is relieved when Paddy whizzes a determined Marlon in his pimped-up wedding wheelchair towards her, both dressed in their wedding suits.

And just as Rhona comes to the conclusion that something is wrong with Marlon, Paddy bursts through the door and wheels Marlon in.

Everyone is emotional as Marlon and Rhona exchange their vows.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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