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Wendy and Liam share a number of passionate kisses in Emmerdale

But is an unknowing Bob about to do the same with Bernice?

Meeting Liam by the bus stop, Wendy reveals she has big plans for their night at the murder mystery convention, but he advises her that the event has now moved online.

Later, Liam is touched by the effort Wendy goes to, to prepare something at the Doctors' Surgery to celebrate his success in being nominated for a writing award and as the champagne cork pops, the chemistry between them fizzes.

Sporting fancy dress and sipping champagne, Liam puts some music on and he and Wendy start to slowly gyrate towards each other.

When Anna Le Monde wins the Murder Most Murky New Crime Writer of the Year award, Wendy and Liam get caught in the moment and things get passionate.

Meanwhile, as Bob and Bernice begin to rekindle the friendship they’ve lost under the pressure of working together, he tells her that he's always considered her beautiful and there's a moment between them, before quickly offering a flustered Bernice a top-up of her wine.

Reacting to their ever-growing chemistry and flirtation, Bernice is mortified after Bob rejects her drunken attempt to kiss him. After fleeing the room, Bob is sweaty and guilt-ridden at the near miss.

As Bob struggles to cope with the feelings his near-kiss with Bernice has ignited, the guilt of cheating on Bob weighs heavy on Wendy who struggles to hold it together.

Later, in the Doctors' Surgery, Liam is unable to contain his desire for Wendy and kisses her suddenly. Surprised, Wendy can't help but respond.

The next day, Bob and Bernice awkwardly avoid any mention of their near kiss and Bernice tells Bob that he needs to show Wendy he cares about their relationship.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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