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Wendy confronts Luke in Emmerdale over his lies

But how will she react when she discovers the truth?

When Vic reveals to Amy she’s planning on asking Luke to move in, Ethan comes to an unsettling realisation regarding what Luke is up to and soon confesses to Wendy.

Before long, Wendy pleads with Luke to be honest with her, but he’s not sure that he can be. And later, Luke finally tells Wendy the truth.

Having heard it all, Wendy urges Luke to not let the past keep him from finding happiness and pleads with Luke to tell Victoria what he’s just told her. But Luke, fearful of losing her, orders Wendy to keep his secret or she’ll lose another son.

Soon after, Victoria’s excited about taking the next step with Luke as he’s moving in.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm on ITV


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