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Wendy leads a secret life at uni as she tries to keep up with her new friends in Neighbours

But how long can she keep it up before she's found out?


Whilst out on the town, Wendy tries to impress her new friends, including laid back and jovial student, Quinn. But when a tipsy Wendy gets carried away, she stays out way longer than she’d intended.

The next morning, Wendy finds herself in a world of pain at work as she nurses the mother of all hangovers, much to the amusement of Cara and Sadie.

Later that day, Quinn pops by to invite Wendy on another pub crawl, and after Aaron offers to cover her shift, she agrees. As she gets back to work, Quinn watches her go and it seems he may be interested in his new effervescent friend.

Following another wild night partying with he uni crew, Wendy is hungover once again as Andrew playfully ribs his wife, assuming her friends know she's not in her 20s. And Wendy doesn't correct him.

Meanwhile, when Cara rues her lack of IT skills, Aaron and Andrew suggest she could do a short course to upskill. Taking their advice, Cara researches courses at Eden Hills Uni, but quickly hides her screen when Wendy passes. It seems she’s keeping this a secret for now.

Without telling anyone, Cara visits Eden Hills University to check out the possibility of doing an IT course, but while she’s there, she happens to spy Wendy, dressed far younger than she usually dresses, mixing it up with her younger uni friends.

It seems that Cara’s not the only one leading a secret life on university grounds.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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