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WHAT TO WATCH 10-16 April

This week's telly is bookended with some fantastic drama, Broadchurch and Line Of Duty whilst lots of great comedy and the return of Britain's Got Talent fill in the gaps.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week...

1. Broadchurch

Monday 10th April at 9pm on ITV

In many ways, it feels as though the first episode of the third and final series of Broadchurch was only on last week, but this week sees the penultimate episode air.

Following last week’s rather emotional episode, important pieces of evidence come to light against all the key suspects in the case. Ellie and Hardy can feel the vice tightening and know that soon, the case will crack open...


2. Peter Kay's Car Share 

Tuesday 11th April at 9pm on BBC One

It's back! After what feels like FOREVER, Peter Kay and Sian Gibson, otherwise known as John and Kayleigh, are back in a new series of Peter Kay’s Car Share.

After being forced to commute together in a supermaket Car Share scheme, assistant manager John Redmond and promotions assistant Kayleigh Kitson now find themselves, reluctantly, having to make the daily commute to work separately.

Since moving in with her sister, Kayleigh is now traveling on her own to work - but will she manage to resist temptation or will she call her old Car Share buddy John?

The whole series will be availbale on BBC iPlayer as a box set immediately after this episode airs on BBC One.


3. Benidorm

Wednesday 12th April at 9pm on ITV

There are two special guests in town this week as paying the Solana a visit in Benidorm are Uri Geller and Amanda Barrie, who returns as Psychic Sue.

Whilst there, Billy gets some life changing advice from Uri turning him into 'Positive Pete' and the staff all feel the heat at the Solana Psychic convention.

Elsewhere, could Pauline be pregnant? Can Geoff "The Oracle" Maltby figure out who the father may be and use this golden opportunity to hone his sleuthing skills? And will Tiger and Joey have much luck when they take a trip to the Casino?


4. Guerrilla

Thursday 13th April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

The tagline for Sky Atlantic’s latest original drama is ‘London 1971. A moment became a movement.'

In an age of open racism, fervent nationalism and anti-establishment passion, two politically engaged and idealistic young lovers, Marcus Hill (Babou Ceesay) and Jas Mitra (Freida Pinto), fight back against the injustice and deep-rooted prejudice they face on a daily basis.

But, unbeknown to them, they are being targeted by Special Branch’s Black Power Desk. Led by police officer DCI Nicholas Pence (Rory Kinnear) and his deputy, Cullen (Daniel Mays), the unit is dedicated to suppressing black activism.

Marcus and Jas go to a rally protesting the 1971 Immigration Act, with their friends Fallon (Denise Gough) and Julian (Nicholas Pinnock). Jas encourages her former lover Kent Fue (Idris Elba) to come along – but he has a different plan for overcoming oppression.

During the rally, a tragedy spurs Marcus and Jas to liberate a political prisoner – Dhari Bishop (Nathaniel Martello-White) – in order to form a radical underground cell.


5. Bucket

Thursday 13th April at 10pm on BBC Four

BBC Four have made some great comedy over the years, including The Thick Of ItGetting OnTwenty Twelve and more recently, Detectorists.

This week sees their latest comedy effort, Bucket, launch which stars Miriam Margolyes and Frog Stone. Mim celebrates turning 70 by writing a bucket list. Even though she believes that 70 is the new 40.

The first item on the list is to drag  daughter Fran, a history teacher, on the "mini break they never had”. This involves spending a tense weekend at Miniworld, a dated theme-park which Fran had been desperate to visit 30 years ago. When Fran tries to leave, Mim reveals she’s dying. Fran tries to make the effort, but new starts and openness are easier said than done.

When Mim reveals she is dying and wants to go on a trip to fulfil items on her bucket list, Fran feels that she has no choice but to come along for the ride. Fran and Mim have to try to come to terms with their past and their future as they tick off items on Mim’s preposterous list, one by one.


6. Britain's Got Talent

Saturday 15th April at 8pm on ITV

Believe it or not, this weekend marks the launch of the 11th series of Britain’s Got Talent.

As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - so they haven’t. Ant and Dec will return as hosts, and the panel also remains unchanged, with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams in charge of those buzzers once more.

Previous winners include Paul Potts, Diversity and Ashleigh and Pudsey but as the hit talent show returns this weekend, will the winner be in episode one? And what will their talent be?!


7. Line Of Duty

Sunday 16th April at 9pm on BBC One

If like me, you are STILL shocked by what happened in last night’s episode of Line Of Duty, you’ll undoubtedly be wishing the week away, just so that you can get answers.

Is Steve Arnott dead? Was it Nick Huntley who pushed him down the stairs? We don’t yet know, but hopefully this week’s episode will give us some answers.

What we do know, is that following the shocking events that occured in last week’s episode, AC-12’s investigation intensifies and the discovery of new forensic anomalies appears to provide AC-12 with a major breakthrough and Nick Huntley comes under scrutiny.



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