WHAT TO WATCH 11-17 February

This week’s best telly includes final episodes of Two Doors Down, Catastrophe and Cleaning Up as well as the start of The Missing sequel Baptiste.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Cold Feet

Monday 11th February at 9pm on ITV

This week it's the penultimate episode of Cold Feet and Adam struggles to shut out his growing feelings for Karen.

Karen and Adam’s double ‘date’ with their prospective new squeezes goes well but Adam can’t resist a few jibes about Dan being a vicar. Socially conscious Dan challenges Adam and reminds Karen of whom she used to be.

As Jenny starts chemotherapy, she goes wig shopping with Karen and jumps at the chance to be the face of her new book. Back at home, Pete finds himself in a dilemma when Chloe asks him to formally adopt her as she's terrified that her mum is going to die.

Meanwhile, David takes refuge at the airport and after a chance encounter with ex-wife, Robyn which forces him to admit his plight. After being welcomed back by his friends, David shares his newfound perspective on life with Olivia when she cracks under the pressure of her exams.


2. Famous and Fighting Crime

Monday 11th February at 9pm on Channel 4

In a television first, five famous faces (Marcus Brigstocke, Sandi Bogle, Katie Piper, Jamie Laing and Penny Lancaster) will be spending two weeks as unpaid police volunteers for Channel 4's Famous and Fighting Crime.

They'll be working for one of the UK's busiest police forces as they find out what it's really like to be at the sharp end of modern policing; responding to real 999 calls. working in custody and even CID, taking part in high risk drug raids and keeping order in rowdy city centres at the weekend.

In episode one, the gruelling first-day training forces Penny Lancaster to confront demons from her past and serves as a rude awakening to everyone else of the dangers they're about to face. But nothing quite prepares them for their first shift.

Once the victim of a horrific crime herself, Katie Piper struggles to conquer her fears, while Jamie Laing steps up to the challenge of bringing down a potentially dangerous suspect. And Penny risks life and limb by striking out on her own in pursuit of a robber.


3. Two Doors Down

Monday 11th February at 10pm on BBC Two

Series three of Two Doors Down ended with the arrival of new neighbours Michelle and Alan and as series four comes to an end, we see their house for the very first time as the neighbours attend their housewarming party.

First through the door are Beth and Eric, followed by an eye patch wearing Christine - there was a rogue newspaper eye-scratching incident - and then Colin and Cathy are not far behind. Cathy is, of course, not backward in coming forward with less than complimentary comments about the couple’s new-look home.

Then in comes Louise, Michelle’s long-term friend, who has unexpectedly come by to drop off a housewarming gift. As Louise is deaf, she and Michelle talk in sign language, further frustrating Cathy’s determination to be the centre of attention.


4. Catastrophe

Tuesday 12th February at 10pm on Channel 4

As Catastrophe comes to an end, the final ever episode is set to be an emotional one as Sharon and Rob pay tribute to Carrie Fisher who used to play Rob's mum Mia before her sad passing.

In this slightly longer episode, Sharon and Rob receive some bad news about Mia as they arrive in Boston for a family holiday.

Under pressure, the couple need to negotiate an estranged family member and a 'grief vampire', while Rob has a tempting, but complicated offer from an old friend.


5. Cleaning Up

Wednesday 13th February at 9pm on ITV

It's not been perfect, but Cleaning Up starring Sheridan Smith has been an enjoyable watch and this week's finale sees Sam's world falls apart.

She's forced to face the disastrous consequences of her actions as her landlady returns with some devastating news and Swanny's on her back de