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WHAT TO WATCH 11-17 March

It's another busy week of telly, so once again instead of picking just 7 shows to watch, I've picked 10.

Here are 10 shows you can’t miss this week including new ITV drama Cheat, more from Alan Partridge and Derry Girls plus the return of Queer Eye...

1. Cheat

Monday 11th - Friday 14th March at 9pm on ITV

Stripped across four consecutive nights is ITV's latest drama Cheat, starring Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor, which is bound to get people talking and tuning in night after night.

The drama explores what happens when a university lecturer accuses a final year student of cheating on an essay. Lecturer Dr Leah Dale prides herself on her integrity, and is suspicious when a student hands in a top-grade essay.

However, student Rose sees the accusation as a personal affront, leading the pair down a dark path neither could have anticipated.

The series also stars Tom Goodman-Hill, Lorraine Ashbourne, Peter Frith, Burn Gorman, Lara Rossi, Parker Sawyers, Justine Mitchell, Jimmy Akingbola, Neve McIntosh, Joanna Brookes, Philip Bird and Aoife Hinds.


2. This Time with Alan Partridge

Monday 11th March at 9:30pm on BBC One

It's divided opinion somewhat, but I'm absolutely here for the return of Alan Partridge and think This Time with Alan Partridge is brilliant. And this week's episode is no different.

With exciting news on the show’s new presenting line up, Alan and Jennie get their teeth into more of the pressing issues of the day: aggressive Scottishness, vegetarianism and a harrowing look at the abolition of corporal punishment.

Oh and after a week off, Ruth Duggan (played by Lolly Adefope) is back to disagree with Alan and agree with Jennie in a way that only she can!


3. Fleabag

Monday 11th March from 10am on BBC Three and at 10:35pm on BBC One

After last week's sensational series opener, all eyes are on Fleabag to see if Phoebe Waller-Bridge can maintain the ridiculously high standard of that episode throughout the rest of the series.

This week, a counselling session elicits an uncomfortable truth from Fleabag and she finds herself somewhere unexpected.

Elsewhere a chat with Claire brings some unwelcome news, Martin and Fleabag face off, and Jake wonders where Claire is.


4. Timewasters

Monday 11th March at 10pm and 10:30pm on ITV2

Launching with a double-bill is the second series of ITV2's hit time-travelling comedy Timewasters, written by and starring Daniel Lawrence Taylor.

The series centres around a four-piece jazz band from South London made up of Nick (Daniel Lawrence Taylor), Jason (Kadiff Kirwan), Lauren (Adelayo Adedayo) and Horace (Samson Kayo) who in the first series end up in 1920s London high-society after getting into a urine-sodden South London lift that just happened to be a time machine!

For series two, the band are transported to 1950s London where the future has arrived, the birth of the teenager, slick-haired Teddy Boys, the vibrant Windrush crowd, box-fresh televisions and crucially, the dawn of Rock n’ Roll.

In the opening two episodes, Horace is desperate to go back in time and save his Grandma from slipping on the stairs and Nick wants to open his own Jazz club which Lauren sees as a new business venture.

Read my interview with Daniel Lawrence Taylor here and find out about a possible US version here.


5. Derry Girls

Tuesday 12th March at 9:15pm on Channel 4

Last week, the girls returned to an audience of 1.8m, 300k more than the opening episode of series one, and the success of Derry Girls is more than deserved.

This week, a new English teacher Ms De Brún arrives at Our Lady Immaculate and the gang find themselves inspired.

Meanwhile Da Gerry attempts to take Ma Mary out on a date to the cinema where things definitely don't go according to plan, and Sister Michael takes charge of a precious Child of Prague statue.


6. Home

Tuesday 12th March at 9:45pm on Channel 4

It was Channel 4's second highest rated sitcom debut in 10 years, beaten narrowly by last year's launch of Derry Girls and this week Home continues as Sami is now officially an asylum seeker.

Despite what Peter thinks, Katy is determined that Sami should stay for as long as he needs to, and since it's her house, Peter can't really object. Katy's son John has organised the spare room to make it just like Damascus, and in return Sami introduces Katy and John to his new British friend Raj.

Peter is given the job parenting John after his first day at a new school, but it is only a matter of hours before a stolen phone and something far more dodgy than a simple trip to a petting zoo puts everything in jeopardy.


7. Porters

Thursday 14th March at 10pm on Dave

After an initial three-part series in 2017, Dave's hospital comedy Porters starring Susan Wokoma, Ed Easton and Claudia Jessie is back, and this time Daniel Mays has joined the cast as new porter Anthony De La Mer!

The series follows a team of porters who dwell beneath the hospital façade in a secret subterranean basement world of partying morticians and taser-happy security guards. Frankie rules the Porters’ roost, constantly “sourcing” new ways to make a bit of extra cash but when Tillman decides to go on holiday to visit the Dalai Lama, and a fast talking, self-promoting, wheeler-dealer fourth Porter is then parachuted into the team and all hell breaks loose.

In the opening episode, Lucy presents Simon with a huge engagement ring after Dr McKenzie popped the question! Heartbroken, Simon is offered a glimmer of hope after he finds Dr McKenzie kissing another woman in the hospital. But is all as it seems?

You'll be able to read my interview with Susan Wokoma and Ed Easton later this week!


8. Queer Eye

Friday 15th March on Netflix

Yaaaaassss kween! Queer Eye only launched in February 2018 but already the series has become a phenomenon and this week sees the series return for a third run as the Fab Five head to Kansas City in Missouri.

This time around, they'll be making over the lives and wardrobes of more women than ever before, including their first ever lesbian, and if the trailer is anything to go by, we're in for another rollercoaster of emotions.

With a four-part special in Japan already confirmed, it looks like the Fab Five are here to stay (or should that be slay?) and I'm 100% here for it.


9. Turn Up Charlie

Friday 15th March on Netflix

He kicked off the year as John Luther, but now Idris Elba is back playing a very different character, but one he can relate a lot more to... a DJ!

Turn Up Charlie sees Idris play Charlie, a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor, who is given a final chance at success when he reluctantly becomes a ‘manny’ to his famous best friend's problem-child daughter, Gabby.

The series also stars Piper Perabo, JJ Feild, Frankie Hervey and Guz Khan.


10. Baptiste

Sunday 17th March at 9pm on BBC One

This week it's time for the penultimate episode of Baptiste and the hunt is on for the missing cash, and Julien Baptiste has to break the news to his family that they must remain in hiding.

Meanwhile Edward takes drastic measures to keep his ex wife Clare and her partner safe. Whilst in hiding they reopen some old wounds and Clare makes Edward face some difficult truths about a past tragedy.

Back in Amsterdam, Genevieve gets a shocking visit from Constantin and we discover the true nature of her relationship with Lucas. More determined than ever to nail Constantin, she and Julien plot an audacious move to turn him and take down the Brigada Serbilu.



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