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WHAT TO WATCH 12-18 November

This week's best telly includes new documentaries from Brian Cox, Oti Mabuse and Zeze Millz, Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan meet the Three Lions, there's plenty of Christmas spirit on Disney+, comedians trying to survive in the wild on Dave and brilliant Netflix series Dead to Me returns for one final season.

Here are 7 TV shows you can't miss this week...

1. Young, Black and Right-Wing

Sunday 13th November at 10pm on Channel 4

Presenter Zeze Millz is on a journey to explore what it means to be young, Black and right-wing in Britain today. Outspoken in her own views, Zeze has come under fire for views some see as conservative. Now, she's in search of answers.

Why can it be hard to express these views? What drives a Black person to reject systemic racism? Has the left lost touch with Black communities? How much of a barrier to success is racism, really? And ultimately, where on the political spectrum does Zeze lie?

The Black British community is often portrayed as a pretty homogenous group, with very similar opinions: left-leaning and liberal, anti-Tory, fed up with the police and, more than anything, incredibly 'woke'. But for many Black people, this is far from the truth. In fact, there's a whole world of Black Brits who hold polar-opposite views: they're young, they're Black and they're right-wing. But the Black right is not a homogenous group either.

Across the Black right-wing spectrum, there's a range of eclectic groups who vary dramatically in their politics. There are political values that unite these groups, like tradition, personal responsibility and the monarchy. But there are also significant differences in their politics. Some are social conservatives, who believe casual sex is ruining Britain; while others are entrepreneurs, passionate about business, economic growth, making money and low taxation.

In the past, Zeze has voted for both Labour and the Conservatives. Now, she's on a mission across Britain, meeting the various right-wing groups and uncovering their radical, sometimes controversial, views - and working out where on the political spectrum she is. She wants to understand the views of these right-wing groups and individuals to discover where she might have common ground, and where she might clash.

Zeze meets a strong-minded community of social media stars, right-wing influencers, those with strongly held Christian views, and those from within the Conservative party. Delving into a number of complex issues, this film examines young Black politics in Britain.


2. The Santa Clauses

Wednesday 16th November on Disney+

It's been 28 years since we first met divorced dad Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, in The Santa Clause who accidentally killed a man in a Santa suit and him and his son are transported to the North Pole, where an elf explains that Scott must take Santa's place before the next Christmas arrives.

Now 16 years after The Santa Clause 3, Scott Calvin is back and after being Santa Claus for nearly thirty years, he’s as jolly as ever. But as Christmas declines in popularity, so does his Santa magic.

On the brink of his 65th birthday, Scott realises that he can't be Santa forever and as he struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, as well as being there for his family who could benefit from a life in the normal world, as well as a lot of elves, children and family to please, Scott discovers there is a way to retire from his post.

As he considers stepping down as Santa Claus, Scott sets out to find a worthy successor, while preparing his family for a new adventure south of the pole, so that he can become a better father and husband.

1-2/6 Continues weekly

3. Rob & Romesh vs The Three Lions

Wednesday 16th November at 9pm on Sky Max

In the first of two new specials (the second airing this Christmas), Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan are back and this time they're meeting the stars of the England men's football team ahead of their bid to win the World Cup.

As well as hanging out with the England stars, they will also meet the mastermind behind England's renaissance, Gareth Southgate.


4. Outsiders

Wednesday 16th November at 10pm on Dave

Outsiders, the series in which David Mitchell challenges three pairs of comedians to spend a week living in a forest learning new life skills to see which of them can best survive in the wild and build a new postapocalyptic society, whilst he enjoys home comforts, is back for a second series.

In this series, David Mitchell drags comedians Maisie Adam, Fatiha El-Ghorri, Darren Harriott, Jessica Hynes, Phil Wang and Joe Wilkinson out in the wild. Each day features three distinct challenges including bug racing and creating holistic treatments.

1/6 Continues weekly

5. Dead to Me

Thursday 17th November on Netflix

Jen and Judy, played by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, are back for one last wild ride, ready to risk their lives one last time for a friendship that's above the law in the third and final season of the hit Netflix series Dead to Me.

In the aftermath of yet another hit and run, both women receive shocking news and when the FBI takes over Steve's murder case, Jen is confronted with the dire consequences of taking a life, and Detective Perez, played by Diana Maria Riva, struggles to cover up her own complicity.

Meanwhile, Judy faces her own existential crisis when her life is threatened by an unexpected force from her past and Ben, played by James Marsden, wrestles with his darkest demons. This season, no one's future is guaranteed. Will Jen and Judy get away with their lives? And can they save each other?

1-10/10 All episodes available at launch

6. Oti Mabuse: My South Africa

Thursday 17th November at 9pm on BBC One

Former Strictly professional Oti Mabuse is returning to South Africa on a magical journey to show us, and to explore for herself, the country that made her. On her travels, she discovers a changing and challenging land, an extraordinary country full of beauty and surprises.

It’s been five years since Oti Mabuse first burst onto our screens on Strictly Come Dancing and the nation has taken her to its heart, but her journey to Blackpool and the BBC has been an extraordinary one.

Oti was born thirty years ago, in a township in South Africa. The year she was born was the year Nelson Mandela was released from prison and saw the beginning of the end of the Apartheid system. Her homeland was beginning a new chapter. Oti grew up and started dancing in a country that was full of change.

Now, ten years after she left, Oti is going back to her country of birth, to show us her South Africa. It is a country that she feels is often misunderstood and she wants to show us a land of beauty, diversity, and hope.


7. Brian Cox: How the Other Half Live

Thursday 17th November at 9pm on Channel 5

Star of Succession, Brian Cox, is bringing his wry humour and intrepid curiosity to Channel 5 this week for a new two-part documentary in which he shines a light on one of the most misunderstood and mysterious aspects of our everyday life, money.

Brian will be rolling up his sleeves at a soup kitchen in the Bronx, mingling with supermodels in Miami Beach, meeting the homeless in Harlem and dropping in on a billionaire in London’s most expensive house.

With his blunt questioning and passionate anger, he'll expose a world in which the richest one per cent own half the world’s wealth and the safety net for the poorest is being swept away on both sides of the Atlantic.

1/2 Continues weekly


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