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WHAT TO WATCH 14-20 January

This week’s best telly includes the return of Cold Feet, a brand new week of Roast Battle and another episode of Cleaning Up on ITV starring Sheridan Smith.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Cold Feet

Monday 14th January at 9pm on ITV

Cold Feet is FINALLY back on our screens this week and the series begins with a wedding! But whose could it be?

After suffering a few knockbacks, Adam starts to question whether he’s lost his mojo until he catches the eye of attractive young barista, Gemma. Mature student Jenny’s been throwing herself into uni life but all that looks set to change when she receives some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Pete bravely saves a young lad, Evan from drowning but his efforts aren’t as appreciated as he might have liked.

Karen’s shocked to learn that Josh has dropped out of uni but takes a more understanding stance than draconian dad, David who is adamant Josh needs to finish his course. And when Nikki's divorce settlement comes through, how far will David go to protect his pride?


2. Two Doors Down

Monday 14th January at 10pm on BBC Two

As the brilliant Two Doors Down continues this week, it's a rather sombre affair (sort of) after Cathy has the neighbours round following an emotional funeral for Colin's Dad.

Understandably Colin is not his usual upbeat self and Christine was not impressed with the service or the priest and she's not afraid to tell anyone who will listen. And as Beth, Eric and Ian try to make their excuses to leave early, Cathy manages to foil their escape by inviting more of the neighbours in.

As the drink flows with Cathy’s encouragement, Colin reminisces about the late-departed Willie, and encourages his neighbours to do the same. But as the guests look on - brandy glasses in hand - Cathy tries to turn the solemn occasion into a party, complete with wildly inappropriate music and games.


3. Roast Battle

Monday 14th - Friday 18th January at 10pm on Comedy Central UK

The last series of Roast Battle only aired in October but Comedy Central UK are already serving us another series with a third run of nightly episodes.

Jonathan Ross, Katherine Ryan and Jimmy Carr return to judge a new line-up of comedians who are pitted against each other in a bid to take down their opponent.

Taking part this series are; Tom Ward vs Darren Harriott and Tom Allen vs Larry Dean on Monday, Kiri Pritchard-McLean vs Brennan Reece and Joel Dommett vs Alex Edelman on Tuesday, Tom Houghton vs Lauren Pattison and Simon Brodkin vs Dane Baptiste on Wednesday, Tom Lucy vs Nigel NG and Johnny Vegas vs Phil Ellis on Thursday and Rhys James vs Lloyd Griffith and Rhys Nicholson vs Felicity Ward on Friday.


4. Silent Witness

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th January at 9pm on BBC One

Samantha Womack and Colin Salmon guest star in the next two episodes of Silent Witness which tell the story of a teenage boy who dies in a meth lab explosion.

Colin plays inspirational head-teacher Noel Taylor who resolves to confront the drug dealers preying on his community. And with dangerous batches of new drugs hitting the streets, it's down to Nikki, Jack, Clarissa and Thomas to deal with the consequent rise in overdoses.

In the second part of Lift Up Your Hearts, when tragedy strikes at the heart of the Taylor family, it puts Noah on a collision course with the criminals behind the drugs. And one of the team’s life is endangered when they become the victim of a knife attack.


5. Cleaning Up

Wednesday 16th January at 9pm on ITV

As Cleaning Up continues, Sam’s money-making plan starts to bear fruit, but it comes at a great cost.

Frustrated by her mum’s constant absence and the new lodger living in her bedroom, Alice seeks refuge at her dad’s house. Sam’s new lodger, Glynn, grows closer to Lily and babysits her when Sam has a job interview. But the trouble at home is affecting Sam’s youngest daughter, and Lily gets them into trouble. Devastated by the possibility of losing her daughters, Sam’s addiction takes hold and threatens to ruin her friendship with Jess.

When Sam’s listening device is found in the office, an investigation is launched and the women’s information source is cut off. Desperate to make amends with Jess and bring in some money, Sam follows an inside lead and enlists the help of a fellow cleaner, Mina, to execute a risky scam in another office.


6. Just Another Immigrant

Wednesday 16th January at 10pm on Sky One

He's a household name in the UK, thanks to appearing on every possible television programme in 2018, but in Just Another Immigrant, Romesh Ranganathan uproots his family and heads to LA in a bid to make it in America.

Taking his wife, kids, Sri Lankan mother and eccentric uncle with him, Romesg hasn't made things easy for himself as he's booked a gig at the 6,000-seat Greek Theatre and has just three months to sell it out.

In the first episode, he immediately gets to work touting tickets, but it’s not easy when he has no profile or connections. And in the second episode, Romesh’s eccentric Uncle Ragu arrives and despite no experience whatsoever, he shows up with big ideas to help Romesh make it in Hollywood.


7. Flirty Dancing

Thursday 17th January at 10pm on Channel 4

Last week, with nothing to watch on telly I thought I'd give Flirty Dancing a go on Channel 4, and I found myself smiling throughout and loving it! The show is full of warmth, charm and proper feel-good telly.

It's a twist on the usual dating shows as Ashley Banjo plays Cupid by using the art of dance to bring hopeful singletons together. Each week, he takes complete strangers and teaches them one half of a choreographed dance routine. After four days of rehearsing separately, the two people meet for the first time in a spectacular location and dance together in silence.

This week, Ashley matches classroom leader James with Jessica, a manager at a children's home from Taunton. And Stephanie, a children's occupational therapist from Stratford-upon-Avon, with Baz, a graphic designer from London.



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