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WHAT TO WATCH 15-21 April

Last week's telly saw a lot of brilliant comedy come to an end, with Derry Girls, Home and Fleabag all ending, but thankfully this week sees two new comedies launch and one long-running sitcom return.

And once they've aired, there are four brilliant dramas to watch. Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Back to Life

Monday 15th April from 10am on BBC Three and at 10:35pm on BBC One

Uncle star Daisy Haggard returns to our screens this week as Miri Matteson in Back to Life, a series she's written with Laura Solon which explores what happens when one woman returns to her home town after 18 years in prison.

Returning to a place she no longer recognises, Miri finds herself back in the dysfunctional family home she involuntarily vacated as a teenager and living with the parents she can no longer hold a conversation with.

The series follows Miri as she tries to nudge her way back into society, she's the ultimate adult beginner - funny, endearing, awkward and determined to move on from her violent past. But life post-prison is not proving easy. Her Tamagotchi has gone the same way as her idols George Michael, Bowie and Prince.

Her parents Caroline and Oscar are presenting a happy and united front, but the cracks are beginning to show, and Miri’s attempt to reconnect with her teenage sweetheart Dom opens up a whole new can of worms.

The series will be shown weekly on BBC One or you can choose to watch all six episodes on BBC iPlayer.


2. Not Going Out

Monday 15th April at 9pm on BBC One

Following last year's brilliant and under-appreciated live episode of Not Going Out, the hit BBC One sitcom, is back for an incredible tenth series, becoming the longest-running sitcom on air.

In the first episode of the new series, Toby organises a sponsored parachute jump to raise money for a Children’s Ward in his hospital. Supportively, Lee, Lucy, Anna and the grandparents all agree to take part, but once airborne will everyone pluck up the courage to jump?

Surely any emerging fears will be suppressed for the good of all on board, and the soon-to-be-benefiting children?


3. Ghosts

Monday 15th April at 9:30pm on BBC One

From the team behind Horrible Histories comes Ghosts, a new comedy that follows strapped-for-cash couple Alison and Mike, played by Charlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe, who inherit a huge country estate.

After struggling to buy their first home, it seemed as though all their prayers were answered when a distant relative bequeaths them a sprawling country estate. But what they didn't know, was that the old house is haunted by the ghosts of its former inhabitants.

The restless spirits, horrified that the new owners plan to turn the peaceful pile into a bustling hotel, make plans to oust the troublesome newcomers. But their bungled efforts have unintended consequences…


4. Game of Thrones

Monday 15th April at 2am and 9pm on Sky Atlantic

I'll admit, I've only ever watched the first episode of Game of Thrones and it just wasn't for me. So why have I included it in this list? Because it's one of the biggest shows in the world and to miss it off this list doesn't feel right.

The Wall that has protected the Seven Kingdoms for 8,000 years has fallen and the Night King, astride a fearsome ice-dragon and accompanied by his army of the dead, advances south. The only thing standing in their path is an extremely fragile alliance drawn between King in the North Jon Snow, Dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen and reigning Queen of the Seven Kingdoms Cersei Lannister.

When the dust settles and the last of the dragon fire flickers out, who will be left standing? And if you really can't wait until 10pm, the first episode is available to watch from 2am!


5. Trust Me

Tuesday 16th April at 9pm on BBC One

There's actually very little to connect the first series of Trust Me to the second, other than the title and the setting as Alfred Enoch plays the lead role of Corporal Jamie McCain.

Set in a Glasgow hospital, Jamie is recovering from a spinal injury which has left him paralysed. He faces a new enemy when patients on the ward start dying unexpectedly around him. Jamie believes the deaths are suspicious, but unable to move his investigation is dangerous and difficult. With everyone in the department hiding a secret, catching a culprit seems like an impossible task.

But with Jamie’s behaviour becoming increasingly erratic, is the threat real or imagined? What has really happened to Jamie, and is he a man we can trust?


6. The Bay

Wednesday 17th April at 9pm on ITV

In this week's penultimate episode of hit ITV drama The Bay, a confession to Lisa shines a possible new light on Dylan’s killer.

Abbie has a terrifying experience with some local junkies and Rob’s escalating actions begin to impact on his family. And Med begins to make his own investigations after starting to suspect Lisa is hiding something from him. 


7. Line of Duty

Easter Sunday at 9pm on BBC One

There really is very little I can say about this week's Line of Duty, other than to say that tensions rise in the OCG following the events at Eastfield.

And with troubling questions hanging over the identity of ‘H’, suspicions mount at AC-12.



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