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WHAT TO WATCH 17-23 June

There's plenty of great telly to stay in for this week, including the most-watched series on Netflix at the moment, When They See Us, the final episode of Years and Years and George Clooney's return to television.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. When They See Us

Available now on Netflix

With so much television around at the moment, it's possible that I'll miss stuff and that was very much the case with When They See Us, so whilst this list is usually for brand new shows, it would be remiss of me to not recommend this Netflix Original to you.

Created by Ava DuVernay, When They See Us is based on a true story surrounding five teenagers from Harlem, four African-American, one Hispanic, who in 1989 were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for raping a white woman in Central Park - a crime they didn’t commit.

This incredibly powerful, enraging and thought-provoking four-part series spans 25 years and focusses on the aftermath of their convictions,t heir eventual exoneration in 2002 and the settlement reached with the city of New York in 2014.

When They See Us might not be an easy watch, but I believe it to be a necessary one.


2. Big Little Lies

Monday 17th June at 2am or 9pm on Sky Atlantic

Season one of Big Little Lies was so perfect that had there not have been a second season I would have completely understood why. But there is and it started last week and it's every inch as brilliant as the first season... so far.

We’re back in beautiful Montery and it seems as though there's more to learn about the night that Perry died as the wonderful Meryl Streep joins the cast as his mother, Mary Louise. As always, expect plenty of twists and surprises, as relationships fray, loyalties erode, and the potential for emotional and bodily injury still looms.

Oh and if you can't wait until 9pm, Sky Atlantic will be airing each episode at the same time as the US at 2am.


3. Year of the Rabbit

Monday 17th June at 10pm on Channel 4

Rabbit, Strauss and Mabel are back this week in another episode of Channel 4's hilarious new comedy Year of the Rabbit starring Matt Berry, Freddie Fox and Susan Wokoma.

In episode two, Detective Inspector Rabbit investigates as the capital is terrorised by a mysterious killer who takes the guise of the Brick Man - a mythical figure from London folklore.

Oh and if you're a Sky customer, you can watch all six episode right now On Demand!


4. Ackley Bridge

Tuesday 18th June at 8pm on Channel 4

Perhaps against the odds, Ackley Bridge has become a hit for Channel 4 as this week the drama, set in and around a school designed to unite the divided white and Asian communities of a small Yorkshire mill town, returns for a third series.

The school is now part of a large multi-academy trust which means that Mandy has a new nightmare boss Ken who has dumped a load of unmanageable kids from the trust’s other schools on to her. Along with a suspect 'A-team' of senior staff, joining the school are new hot-headed Deputy Head Martin and disenchanted Director of Behaviour Sue Carp.

And as Ackley’s Year 13 pupils enter their final year they all face questions about their future. Will Nas get to Oxford? Will Kaneez and Rashid take things to the next level? What will happen with Sadiq?


5. Years and Years

Tuesday 18th June at 9pm on BBC One

This week sees us wave goodbye to what has been a tremendous series by Russell T Davies, Years and Years. Not always getting the overnight numbers it deserves, the series has been heavily praised by viewers and critics alike.

In the final episode, Viv Rook’s regime tightens its grip, the entire Lyons family is forced to take action. Spurred on by both Muriel and Daniel, Rosie faces up to the troops surrounding her home, and takes radical action with Lincoln’s help.

But when Bethany reveals the shocking truth about her father, Edith and Celeste form a secret alliance to stop him. But Stephen’s in too deep, as the mysterious Erstwhile Policy turns deadly, forcing Edith and her girlfriend Fran to embark on a reckless, dangerous mission, for Viktor’s sake.

On a long, dark night, the challenge is clear: can one ordinary family actually change the world?


6. The Late Late Show with James Corden in London

Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st June at 10pm on Sky One

It's become an annual tradition now that James Corden returns to the UK each Summer for a week of special episodes of The Late Late Show, filmed in London in the historic Central Hall in Westminster.

The guest list for this year's episodes is ridiculous and includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Sheen and Louis Tomlinson as well as Gillian Anderson, Millie Bobby Brown, Paul Giamatti, Tom Hanks, Lily James, Ian McKellen, and Simon Pegg. Plus there'll be magic from David Blaine and music from Little Mix and Mumford & Sons.

And in the first episode, former First Lady Michelle Obama will lead Team U.S.A. against Corden’s Team U.K. in a phenomenal all-star match line up including Melissa McCarthy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Harry Styles, Kate Hudson, Allison Janney, Mila Kunis, Lena Waithe, John Bradley and The Late Late Show bandleader, Reggie Watts.


7. Catch-22

Thursday 20th June at 9pm on Channel 4

George Clooney returns to TV this week in his first television role since ER, to not only star in, but direct and executive produce Channel 4's adaptation of Joseph Heller's 1961 novel Catch-22.

He stars as Lieutenant Scheisskopf alongside Christopher Abbott who plays Captain John Yossarian, a US Air Force bombardier in World War II who is furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him. But his real problem is not the enemy, but rather his own army which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service.

Yet if Yossarian makes any attempt to avoid his military assignments, he’ll be in violation of Catch-22, a hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule which specifies that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers which are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind; a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but a request to be removed from duty is evidence of sanity and therefore makes him ineligible to be relieved from duty.


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Don’t you just think Meryl is a fantastic addition to Big Little Lies? I loved her on Episode 1 really cannot wait too see this unfold!

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