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WHAT TO WATCH 18-23 December

It’s the week before Christmas and we’re revisiting Royston Vasey, crowning the ultimate champion of Taskmaster and making Christmas great again with the help of the Pub Landlord.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week...

1. The League of Gentlemen Anniversary Specials

Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th December at 10pm on BBC Two

After 15 years away from our screens, The League of Gentlemen is back and we revisit Royston Vasey as the town faces its biggest threat yet. New boundary changes mean that Royston Vasey could be erased from the map forever.

Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton and Mark Gatiss all return to play the bizarre and darkly comic characters that inhabit the fictional Northern town and in the opening episode, familiar faces return to settle old scores and dig up some old friends.

The fight to save the community from administrative annihilation comes from unexpected and surprising directions... all of them local and in the final episode on Wednesday, the local authorities, the local paper and the local police all play their part, as the developing situation in Royston Vasey reaches its earth-shattering climax.


2. Birds of a Feather Christmas Special

Monday 18th December at 9pm on ITV

With no news of a new series, it seems ITV are perfectly happy to just have Birds of a Feather returning for the odd special.

It's Christmas in Chigwell and the Birds are back. Tracey has got big plans that could upset the festive harmony in the house, Sharon has found a novel way of doing her Christmas shopping and Dorien has got a mystery to solve. What could possibly go wrong?


3. Shamed

Tuesday 19th December at 9pm on Channel 4

In a world where almost every day there are more media revelations of historic abuse and impropriety at the hands of male authority figures, this timely single drama, The Room, imagines a 27-year-old woman exacting her finely choreographed revenge for such an act.

It's an act of revenge for her teenage self, an act that has been brewing in her head for 10 years... The single drama stars Faye Marsay, Nick Blood and Ryan McKen.


4. Taskmaster: Champion of Champions

Wednesday 20th December at 9pm on Dave

The time has come to crown the ultimate Taskmaster champion as the two part Champion of Champions specials comes to an end.

Having been put through their paces, only one of either Josh Widdicombe, Katherine Ryan, Rob Beckett, Noel Fielding or Bob Mortimer, will lift that trophy and claim the ultimate Taskmaster champion title.

Who will be victorious? You'll have to watch to find out!


5. Joanna & Jennifer: Absolutely Champers

Thursday 21st December at 9pm on BBC Two

The closest we’ll get to new Ab FabJoanna & Jennifer: Absolutely Champers reunites Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, who are better-known as Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon who were rarely seen without a glass of champagne in their hand in the hit comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

Off camera, these two long-time comedy collaborators and dear friends love nothing more than getting together to share a glass of something chilled and bubbly so in this one-off documentary, they'll be heading across the channel together to explore the beautiful Champagne region of North Eastern France to learn all about how their favourite tipple is made.

Joanna Lumley & Jennifer Saunders: Absolutely Champers is an exploration of one of the finer things in life, but it is also an exploration of each other's lives, as the much-loved stars dig deep and uncover things they never knew about their partner in crime.


6. Al Murray’s Make Christmas Great Again

Friday 22nd December at 9pm on ITV

With Christmas just days away, Al Murray is returning to ITV in a last-ditch bid to claw back Christmas from the brink of disaster as the nation's favourite publican, philosopher, common sense commando, scholar, sage and bald bloke is hosting the ultimate public house party.

He'll be serving up a Crimbo cocktail… no, make that a pint, (rules are rules) of festive cheer, seasonal games and celebrity guests.

The Pub Landlord is on a one-man-mission after Santa warns ‘confidence in Christmas has dropped faster than the Pound’. You won't be properly warmed up for any yuletide celebrations until you’ve experienced this cracker of a lock-in with The Pub Landlord in his majestic pub, The Reindeer’s Head.

Backed by his house band The Remoans, the Guv leads some seasonal sing-a-longs including, You Can’t Even Say Christmas Any More, ‘chats’ to some of his celebrity guest audience, invites members of the public to win some early Christmas presents in two studio games Wrong Answer (where the right answer is, of course... the wrong answer) and Robot Reindeer Rodeo (requiring one lucky celebrity guest to climb on the back of the aptly nicknamed, Buckarudolph)... while also importantly reminding us that, after all, it was the British who “invented Christmas.”


7. Smashie’s Christmastastic Playlist

Saturday 23rd December at 4pm on Christmas Gold

Paul Whitehouse returns this week as one of his most-loved characters, DJ Mike Smash. The fantabulous DJ has taken time out from his charity work to returns to TV screens this Christmas with his ding-dong-merrily-on-high-iest festive favourite tunes.

Simulcast between Gold and Smash's new broadcasting home Radio Hush, this two-part special features the nation's best-loved Christmas classics, alongside some lesser-known oddities from Smashie's sonic stocking, all introduced by the former Radio Fab FM DJ in his own unique style.



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