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WHAT TO WATCH 18-24 January

This week's best telly includes some more great comedy, some more great drama and a brand new culinary competition show, which comes complete with its own edible set.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Doctor Who

Sunday 19th January at 7pm on BBC One

In this week's Doctor Who, we're transported back to 1903 as The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham must join forces with one of history’s great minds, to save both him and planet Earth.

Something is wrong at Nikola Tesla's generator plant - but who or what is sabotaging the maverick inventor’s work? Has he really received a message from Mars? And where does his great rival Thomas Edison fit into these events?


2. The Trial of Christine Keeler

Sunday 19th January at 9pm on BBC One

As the final episode of The Trial of Christine Keeler approaches, this week's penultimate episode sees the pressure mount for Christine as she flees to Spain.

Elsewhere, Profumo publicly denies he had an affair with her and orders Stephen Ward to intervene, as her story nears publication.


3. Cold Feet

Monday 20th January at 9pm on ITV

After last week's stunning series nine opener of Cold Feet, Adam and Karen’s new living arrangements cause chaos for their family when an unexpected visitor tips them over the edge.

Elsewhere, David embraces his new role but faces humiliation from a former adversary, while Pete’s time on a jury has unexpected consequences for Adam.


4. Crazy Delicious

Tuesday 21st January at 8pm on Channel 4

Jayde Adams hosts Channel 4's Crazy Delicious, a brand new culinary competition show in which renowned chefs and 'Gods of Food' Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt and Carla Hall challenge the UK's most talented food lovers to produce remarkable meals that must impress with originality, visual flair and extraordinary flavours.

Each week, three cooks compete to be awarded the Gods' golden apple and the knowledge that they've impressed three of the world's greatest chefs after picking ingredients plucked and snipped from an enchanted garden on the world's first edible set, which contains edible blossom, chocolate soil and a drinkable babbling brook.

In this first episode, the first task is to elevate the humble strawberry to new heights, before pushing their imaginations to the limit to turn an everyday dish, the hot dog, into something extraordinary and every bite matters as one cook must be sent home before round three. The remaining two contestants will then have four hours to produce their unique take on a popular feast, which this week is a birthday spread fit for the Gods.


5. Avenue 5

Wednesday 22nd January at 10pm on Sky One

Armando Iannucci, who brought us The Thick of It and Veep, is this week bringing us a new comedy set 40 years into the future, where space tourism is a thing and the solar system is everyone’s oyster.

Hugh Laurie stars as Ryan Clark, the Captain of the luxury space cruise liner Avenue 5 where on board you can expect a first class experience, with gourmet buffets, a spa, yoga classes and an observation deck to watch the planets and stars as you fly past.

As the series begins, Avenue 5’s eight-week journey around Saturn is underway and everything seems optimal - but when the ship suddenly encounters technical difficulties, it’s up to Ryan and his crew to calm the disgruntled passengers and find a way to deal with the unexpected events on board.


6. Deadwater Fell

Friday 24th January at 9pm on Channel 4

In this week's penultimate episode of Deadwater Fell, the emotional ripple effects of the fire are taking their toll on those closest to the tragedy.

Armed with new evidence, the case looks cut and dried, but a new revelation raises doubt. Steve goes to his work-appointed counselling and a past conversation with Kate is revealed. As the truth begins to emerge everyone questions their role in the tragedy


7. Sick of It

Friday 24th January at 10pm & 10.30pm on Sky One

It's been available as a boxset since the first episode aired, but in case you've been saving them to watch every Friday night, this week sees the final two episodes of Karl Pilkington's superb comedy Sick of It air.

In the penultimate episode of the series, Karl discovers a meal for two voucher intended for him and Zoe is past it’s use-by date, which makes him realise he hasn’t moved on since their break up - leaving him confused and unsure about his feelings towards Ruby. But will he take the plunge and ask her out for dinner?

And in the series finale, Karl reluctantly travels to New York with Ruby to visit Norma’s old stomping grounds and meet her family and an encounter with Norma’s sister and nephew soon throw doubt on Karl’s future and bring him and Ruby closer together.

As they spend a night in New York together will Karl finally make his move, or will he and his alter ego manage to sabotage his personal life again?

Read my review here.



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