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WHAT TO WATCH 2-8 September

Returning favourites, new dramas and Top Boy's final chapter.

This week's best telly includes a number of returning favourites, including Gogglebox, Gone Fishing, Gordon, Gino and Fred and Top Boy which returns for its final chapter.

Elsewhere, Sky Atlantic launch new Belfast-set comedy-drama The Lovers, Apple TV+ launch new fairytale drama The Changeling and Channel 5 launch their latest drama The Inheritance.

Here are 7 TV shows you can't miss this week...

1. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Sunday 3rd September at 9pm on BBC Two

Watching Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse go fishing soon became TV's most enjoyable, heart-warming and comforting programme and now the autumn schedules wouldn't be the same without it.

As Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing returns for its sixth series, Paul and Bob travel with their trusty terrier Ted to Wales to fish the Rivers Irfon and Wye in search of chub. The Wye is one of our angling pair’s favourite rivers, but they have yet to visit its lesser-known neighbour, the Irfon.

The countryside that surrounds them is largely unspoilt, with the source of the Irfon found in a region often called the ‘Desert of Wales’ due to the lack of roads and towns surrounding it. This is ideal Gone Fishing territory, so Paul and Bob excitedly set off to find a large chub.

It’s also Ted’s birthday, but how will they celebrate?

1/6 Continues weekly

2. Gordon, Gino & Fred, Viva España!

Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th September at 9pm on ITV1

Viva España! Gordon, Gino and Fred are back for a brand-new Road Trip and having traversed some of the best European culinary capitals on offer, the three amigos are back on the road to explore the next gastronomical gem on their list as they take their trusty RV to Spain to immerse themselves in the very best culture and cuisine on offer.

The first stop is sunny Andalusia, where the boys will be selling seafood and tasting tapas in Malaga, then heading to ancient town Ronda where Gino will be making a meal out of a paella pitstop. All concluding in Jerez to sample sherry, whilst seeing if they’ve got the Flamenco flair.

In the second episode, the boys continue their Spanish spectacular in Galicia, north-west Spain, to enjoy the 900 miles of unique and wild coastline in an area known for its Celtic roots.

1-2/2 Continues nightly

3. The Inheritance

Monday 4th September at 9pm on Channel 5

Unusually for Channel 5, their new drama The Inheritance, will air across four weeks rather than four consecutive nights and tells the story of three siblings who are left reeling after an unexpected death in the family. When it turns out they have not left anything in the will, they embark on a dangerous journey to figure out whether this death was truly a tragic accident, or whether it was in fact murder.

Secrets are exploded, relationships ripped apart, and lives lost as the siblings try desperately to claw back their inheritance and make sense of what is happening around them, asking the question: Is blood really thicker than water?

In episode one, Sian, played by Gaynor Faye, Daniel, played by Robert James-Collier, and Chloe Watson, played by Jemima Rooper, are stunned when their father Dennis, played by Larry Lamb, dies unexpectedly and it’s revealed he has left everything in his will, including the family home, to a woman they’ve never heard of. A woman who, it turns out, apparently had a 14-year affair with their father and married him in secret.

As the siblings begin to question everything they thought they knew about their father, they become increasingly suspicious that this woman, Susan, played by Samantha Bond, had something to do with his death. Why didn’t he tell them about her, or that he was suffering from signs of dementia? Why is there high-strength alcohol and chemicals hidden around his house? And why does his will state he wants to be cremated, when he was always going to be buried next to the siblings’ mother?

As the children try to piece it all together, little do they know that they are being watched… somebody has Dennis’s family home videos and is keeping tabs on each of them. What they also don’t know is that they are each keeping secrets from one another, secrets with the potential to destroy already strained relationships.

Then, on the day of their father’s funeral, as Dennis’s body is about to be cremated, the coroner bursts in as she has reason to suspect foul play in Dennis’ death.

1/4 Continues weekly

4. Top Boy

Thursday 7th September on Netflix

It was the hit Channel 4 series later saved and revived by Netflix and now Top Boy is to return for one final season, set to be the final chapter that will decide who can reign as Top Boy of Summerhouse.

Sully’s actions at the end of the last series have rewritten his business rules with Dushane. As new shared problems arise, everything they've built comes under threat from forces outside and within their empire.

Can they coexist by the rules of the road they’ve lived by their whole lives in a world that is changing before them? Or can there only be one Top Boy?

1-6/6 All episodes available at launch

5. The Lovers

Thursday 7th September at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

New Sky Atlantic comedy-drama The Lovers follows Janet, played by Roisin Gallagher, a bad-tempered, hilarious, Belfast supermarket worker who couldn’t give a shit about anything much at all, including her life, and Seamus, played by Johnny Flynn, a handsome, self-centred, political broadcaster with what looks to be a perfect London life and a celebrity girlfriend.

So when Seamus unexpectedly drops into Janet’s world (literally over the wall and into her backyard) they instantly clash – and yet also find themselves inextricably drawn to each other...

Set in Belfast, this is a sexy, funny, fight-y love story about two people who appear to be utterly wrong for each other, yet may just be utterly right.

Interview with Roisin Gallagher coming soon.

1/6 Continues weekly. All episodes available at launch

6. The Changeling

Friday 8th September on Apple TV+

Based on the acclaimed bestselling book by Victor LaValle, new Apple TV+ drama The Changeling is described as a fairytale for grown-ups.

A horror story, a parenthood fable and a perilous odyssey through a New York City you didn’t know existed.

The eight-part drama stars executive producer LaKeith Stanfield and Clark Backo alongside Adina Porter, Samuel T. Herring, Alexis Louder, Jared Abrahamson and special guest star Malcolm Barrett.

1-3/8 Continues weekly

7. Gogglebox

Friday 8th September at 9pm on Channel 4

Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series of Gogglebox, sharing their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best TV shows.

They haven't yet revealed which television programmes they'll be watching, but hopefully, a few of the shows on this list make it to their watchlist!

1/ Continues weekly


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