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WHAT TO WATCH 22-28 July

This week on telly, there's plenty of great drama to enjoy, entertainment from rising stars Tez Ilyas and Mo Gilligan plus the live final of The Voice Kids.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Keeping Faith

Tuesday 23rd July at 9pm on BBC One

It was the surprise hit of 2018 when 11m people watched the first series of BBC Wales drama Keeping Faith on BBC iPlayer and an average of 4m people watched its previously unplanned BBC One repeat.

The Welsh drama stars Eve Myles as solicitor Faith Howells who we rejoin 18 months after the end of series one which saw her husband Adam return and interrupt her kiss with Steve. While battling to keep her family together and business afloat, Faith is drawn into a new mystery, taking on the case of Madlen Vaughan, a local farmer accused of murdering her husband in cold blood. She is determined to help, but out of her depth.

Gael Riordan continues to have a tight grip on the Howells family and with Evan behind bars, Faith is pressured into running risky errands on her behalf And newly single Tom is back at the family firm and has his eye on Faith’s wine-loving best friend Lisa.


2. I Am Nicola

Tuesday 23rd July at 10pm on Channel 4

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure returns to our screens this week in I Am, Channel 4's new three-part anthology series which tells three improvised stories about 21st century womanhood, dealing with contemporary female experiences such as relationships, identity and freedom.

Vicky stars alongside Perry Fitzpatrick in I Am Nicola, a deeply moving story of a couple who find themselves stuck in a dysfunctional and coercive relationship. They look like the perfect couple, but hairdresser Nicola begins to tire of her daily routine of listening to her clients gush about special occasions, engagements and exciting holiday plans knowing that her life with Adam feels lacklustre in comparison.

So caught up in seeking her dream, Nicola fails to notice her dark and complicated reality as the couple become trapped in an endless cycle of arguments, guilt and reconciliation. The other two stories in the anthology are I Am Hannah starring Gemma Chan and I Am Kirsty starring Samantha Morton.


3. GameFace

Wednesday 17th July at 10pm on Channel 4

After two years away, Roisin Conaty's brilliantly funny comedy GameFace returned to our screens last week as we rejoined failing actress Marcella on the day of her driving test.

This week, after lying to her driving instructor Jon about failing her test so that she could spend more time with him, she wonders if he will ever call her back. And when she meets her ex Simon to confront him about his wife's behaviour, how will he take it?

Elsewhere, her life coach talks to her about her lack of work so she visits her agent, Pam and Marcella and Lucy are meant to be going to an awards ceremony where Cal has won an award for her work but they're worried.

Read my interview with Roisin Conaty here.


4. The Tez O'Clock Show

Thursday 25th July at 11pm on Channel 4

This week, comedian Tez Ilyas joins the Channel 4 family to host a late-night satirical comedy show which promises to be a topical mix of sketches and studio-based chat, with provocative monologues and celebrity interviews.

The Tez O'Clock Show has parodies, sketches and news bulletins from the Pakistani Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), in which Guz Khan and Sindhu Vee provide a satirical take on the news and show Britain (and the West) in a very different light.

In the studio, Tez is briefed on the hot topics of the day by fellow fast-rising comics Sophie Willan and Adam Rowe, who each try and sway him to their way of thinking. And Tez is joined by his co-anchor Sindhu Vee, in the on set shisha café, where they're joined by funny, opinionated, comedians and celebrities.

Read my interview with Tez Ilyas here.


5. Orange is the New Black

Thursday 25th July at 11pm on Channel 4

It was one of the first Netflix Originals and this week we say goodbye to the ladies of Litchfield as Orange is the New Black returns for its seventh and final season.

After being sent to Litchfield Penitentiary prison for a drug trafficking crime committed 10 years prior, Piper was granted early release at the end of the last season and we'll now see her adjust to life on the outside as we see her in the real world for the first time

Sophia and Blanca were also freed at the end of the last season which saw Blanca sent to immigration detention. With resolution for each of the characters' story arcs promised, the final season of Orange is the New Black is one not to be missed for fans. Even if like me, you've dipped in and out in recent years.

All episodes.

6. The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Friday 26th July at 10pm on Channel 4

After what I thought was a very promising first episode, Mo Gilligan returns this week with another episode of The Lateish show which mixes celebrity chat, music performances, character sketches and studio games.

This week he'll be joined in the studio by Lee Mack, Pixie Lott and some more guests yet to be announced.

Read my interview with Mo Gilligan here.


7. The Voice Kids UK

Saturday 27th July at 8pm on ITV

With just four acts remaining, it's time for this year's live final of The Voice Kids UK, and what a series it has been! Incredible talent, brilliant performances and a welcome addition of Jessie J.

But only one act can win a £30,000 bursary towards their musical education and a family holiday to Universal Orlando Resort. Who will it be?

Battling it out from Team Danny will be Sam Wilkinson, from Team Pixie will be Gracie-Jayne Fitzgerald, from Team Jessie J will be Keira Laver and from Team Will will be Lil Shan Shan. Who will win? You'll have to watch to find out.



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