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WHAT TO WATCH 24-30 September

This week’s best telly includes an awful lot of Strictly, a brand new Sunday night drama and the return of Karl Pilkington in a brand new comedy. Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

Monday 24th - Thursday 27th at 6:30pm and Friday 28th September at 6pm on BBC Two

With the spotlight always on the main show, BBC Two's Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two hosted by Zoe Ball, often gets overlooked.

Every weeknight Zoe Ball gives the run-down on this series of Strictly Come Dancing with the latest headlines, backstage gossip, expert opinion and exclusive interviews.

If you're a fan of Strictly, this is not to be missed!


2. Pls Like

Tuesday 25th September from 10am on BBC Three and Friday 28th September at 11:25pm on BBC One

After the success of the first series, and a BAFTA nomination, it's no surprise that Pls Like, the comedy where millennial documentarian Liam Williams investigates the world of vlogging is back for a second series.

In the first episode, Liam finds out about ‘The Likeys’, a new award ceremony designed to promote positivity in the vlogosphere.

When superstar vloggers Millipede and Charlie South, played by Emma Sidi and Jonathan Pointing, break up, James Wirm, played by Tim Key, appoints the madly popular (and madly controversial) vlogger DumpGhost to replace a lovesick Charlie.

This publicity-seeking move quickly backfires ever when DumpGhost makes an Islamophobic joke at the awards launch event and immediately turns the ‘celebration of positivity’ into a glittery, brightly coloured shitstorm. The fallout from the incident sparks a story of debate, provocation and simmering rage that poses questions about identity, tolerance and free speech,.

1-6/6 (BBC Three), 1-2/6 (BBC One)

3. Sick of It

Thursday 27th September at 10pm on Sky One

Karl Pilkington returns to Sky One this week, this time with his first scripted comedy, Sick of It which he co-wrote with Richard Yee.

In the series, Karl plays Karl, a crotchety cabbie who’s living with his auntie while trying to get over the loss of his long-term girlfriend. His closest mate is his alter ego, an uncensored version of himself who appears only to him and can say exactly what he thinks, without the risk

of offending anyone.

As Karl muddles through life, desperately trying to get back on track, the voice in his head just can’t seem to shut up. He imparts his wisdom, deals out criticism and shares his rather unorthodox philosophy on life, counsel that often lands Karl in trouble.


4. Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father

Friday 28th September on Netflix

Last year Jack and Michael Whitehall fulfilled Jack’s lifelong dream of a gap year, and this year they’re back on the road in Europe but now it’s Michael taking the lead.

Michael sees this tour as a chance for him to pass on his wisdom to his son, take in some culture, a few museums, learn a little history. Basically Jack’s worst nightmare! His idea of travelling is more Boys on Tour than Grand Tour, hitting the clubs, downing the beers and hunting out some adrenaline sports and inevitably Jack will get his way.

From the stunning ice capped mountains of the Bavarian Alps to the intoxicating mystery of Istanbul, along the way they find themselves running the gauntlet of beer bikes in Budapest and campervans across rustic corners of Romania, embrace kitsch Europop in Moldova and try their best to evade gun-toting Cossacks and marching clowns in Ukraine.


5. Strictly Come Dancing

Saturday 29th at 6:30pm and Sunday 30th September at 7:15pm on BBC One

This weekend, the drama ramps up as all 15 celebrities perform once more live in a bid to keep their place in the competition.

In week one, Faye Tozer and Ashley Roberts topped the leaderboard with 29 points each out of a possible 40, whereas down at the bottom were Susannah Constantine and Anton Du Beke with just 12 points.

The judges’ scores from this week will be added to their scores from last week and the vote lines will open for viewers at home to have their say on their favourite couples.

On Sunday night, the two couples with the lowest combined judges’ scores and viewer votes will take part in the dreaded dance-off. The judges must then decide who stays and which couple will be the first to say their goodbyes.

During the results show there will be a special musical performance from George Ezra, who will be performing his number one hit Shotgun.

6. Killing Eve

Saturday 29th September at 9:25pm on BBC One

If, unlike me you've been able to tear yourself away from the Killing Eve boxset on BBC Three and watch ahead, then you'll undoubtedly be looking forward to Saturday night when the series continues on BBC One.

When Villanelle kills a Chinese Colonel at a kink clinic in Berlin, Eve and Bill travel out to investigate.

While Eve and Bill chase up a number of promising leads, Villanelle enjoys the cat-and-mouse nature of their proximity. But as they draw closer, Eve comes to realise that this is much more than a game.


7. The Cry

Sunday 30th September at 9pm on BBC One

Replacing Bodyguard in the schedules is something I don't wish on any TV drama and whilst The Cry has a very different tone, I hope audiences give it a chance.

Jenna Coleman and Ewen Leslie star as Joanna and Alistair, a young couple forced to face unthinkable circumstances under the white light of public scrutiny.

In the opening episode, they travel from Scotland to Australia with their baby son Noah to see Alistair’s mother Elizabeth and to fight for custody of his 14 year-old daughter Chloe.

Struggling with life as a new mum, the flight to Melbourne is a huge additional strain on Joanna as Noah cries the whole way, to the very apparent dismay of their fellow travellers.

Exhausted and emotional from the journey the couple finally arrive in Australia, where unforeseen events change their lives and their relationship forever.

The series also stars Stella Gonet, Markella Kavenagh and Asher Keddie.



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