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WHAT TO WATCH 26 February - 4 March

This week’s best telly includes Collateral, Marcella and Mum which all continue, This Country and Benidorm which both return, Save Me which begins on Sky Atlantic and Strike which comes to a conclusion on BBC One.

Here are 7 TV shows you have to watch this week...

1. Collateral

Monday 26th February at 9pm on BBC Two

This week sees the penultimate episode of Collateral air on BBC Two.

When Peter Westbourne tracks Sandrine down, he fails to calm her down and she returns to the army base, retrieves her gun and disappears. Faced with a second murder, Kip and Nathan struggle to figure out how the two killings are connected and Kip is convinced that MI5 is leaking information to the media.

Local MP David Mars courts controversy as he rails against the press. Actively avoiding his party leader’s demands for a meeting, he takes his ex-wife Karen to task, confronting her about her addictions. Meanwhile, Vicar Jane Oliver gets a visit from the Bishop, who warns that he can’t turn a blind eye to her love life any more.


2. Marcella

Monday 26th February at 9pm on ITV

Last week, Marcella returned to our screens with an episode just as disturbing, complex and confusing as any episode from series one.

Disturbed by her first fugue in months, Marcella seeks the help of Dr. Fairclough who tells her that it might be a good idea to go back to the origin of the fugues: Juliet’s cot death. Marcella tries to relive that moment at her home but the resulting stress levels put her into another fugue.

At the police station, the team get a break as DNA samples from Reg Reyonld’s flat show that Phil Dawkins had been there. When asked about it, Phil admits to knowing Reg but denies he has anything to do with the boy in the wall and gives the police team an alibi for the night Marcella visited the crime scene.


3. This Country

Monday 26th February from 10am on BBC Three

Last year’s breakthrough comedy hit This Country, written by and starring Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper, returns to BBC Three this week for the start of a second series.

As the mockumentary returns to explore life in a typical Cotswold village, Kerry has turned over a new leaf and is trying to give back to her community by offering random acts of kindness.

After deciding not to go to Swindon College, Kerry’s cousin Kurtan is coming to terms with his decision and is struggling to get back in to the swing of village life.


4. Mum

Tuesday 27th February at 10pm on BBC Two

Last week Mum secured its highest overnight audience to date with 1.5m people tuning in to watch the superb sitcom return.

This week’s episode takes place on Easter Sunday and Cathy and Michael have plans to clear the front room together, but Jason and Kelly have got other ideas.


5. Benidorm

Wednesday 28th February at 9pm on ITV

Benidorm returns this week for its 10th series and it all kicks off with a wedding!

With Monty keeping their wedding venue a secret from Joyce and it’s up to Mateo and Kenneth to make sure that she gets there on time. With Tony Hadley booked as wedding entertainment Mateo proves just as entertaining with his hilarious Best Man’s speech.

With Joyce away from the Solana, Sam is left in charge and in order to makes some quick cash she enlists the help of Dodgy Dave (played by Brookside’s Michael Starke) to run a raffle in Neptunes. And Nigel Havers returns as local dentist Stanley.


6. Save Me

Wednesday 28th February at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

Last week I attended a screening for Save Me, and watched the first two episodes of what is easily the best TV drama of 2017 so far.

Written by Lennie James and starring himself, Suranne Jones and Stephen Graham, the six-part series follows Nelson ‘Nelly’ Rowe, a professional chancer and full-time scoundrel. Life just ticks along for him until one day he is arrested at his girlfriend’s south-east London flat, accused of abducting his estranged daughter, Jody.

Nelly protests his innocence, arguing he hasn’t seen his daughter in years, but the police have evidence that Jody’s last three calls were to Nelly’s phone. Jody’s mother, Claire (Suranne Jones), who shared a ‘summer of love’ with Nelly 14 years ago, confronts Nelly, who assures her that he had nothing to do with Jody’s disappearance.

With the clock ticking, Nelly sets out on a mission to clear his name and find his missing daughter.

1/6 (All episodes available with Sky Box Sets)

7. Strike: Career of Evil

Sunday 4th March at 9pm on BBC One

This week sees the conclusion of Strike: Career of Evil on BBC One, the third instalment based on the novels of Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling).

As Strike visits several London strip clubs in order to find out more about one of the murder suspects, Niall Brockbank, Robin's relationship with Matthew hits a low point and she questions her commitment to marriage.

When Strike begins to narrow his list of suspicions, Wardle calls him out for 'meddling' with police business and the killer continues to taunt them, with Matthew finding a severed human thumb in the kettle. Robin returns to comfort Matthew and provides Strike with Brockbank's address.

Without Strike’s knowledge Robin allies herself with Shanker, paying him to take her to Brockbank's home to question his girlfriend Alyssa, inadvertently putting herself in danger.



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