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WHAT TO WATCH 27 February - 5 March

This week's best telly includes Bryan Cranston's first lead television role since Breaking Bad, the return of a Sunday night murder mystery hit for ITV and of course more Saturday night entertainment from Ant & Dec.

Here are 7 TV shows you can't miss this week...

1. Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

Saturday 27th February at 7pm on ITV

It promised to deliver the happiest 90 minutes of the week last Saturday and as ever, Ant & Dec delivered an episode of Saturday Night Takeaway which despite a virtual audience delivered everything we know and love about the show.

This week, Gordon Ramsay is the star guest announcer, Rag 'N' Bone Man will be performing live in the studio for the End of The Show Show, Read My Lips returns, there's another game of Win the Ads and Ant & Dec will be giving away more Takeaway Getaways during the happiest minute of the week

And there's the first part of Double Trouble in which Ant & Dec have been cloned and the clones have gone rogue! The new adventure will feature many celebrities including Bear Grylls, Prue Leith, Rob Brydon, Alison Hammond and Jermaine Jenas.

2/7 Continues weekly

2. McDonald & Dodds

Sunday 28th February at 8pm on ITV

McDonalds & Dodds, a series of two-hour murder mysteries set in Bath, starring Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins as DCI McDonald and DS Dodds, was somewhat of a surprise hit in 2020 and now it's back with three brand new feature-length episodes.

This week's episode, The Man Who Wasn’t There, follows Barbara, Mick, Gordon and Jackie - played by Patsy Kensit, Martin Kemp, Rupert Graves and Cathy Tyson - who in the 1980s were rising stars and went on to have high profile careers. Now living in Bath together, there are secrets from the past which could threaten their comfortable existences.

On a surprise day out, the four friends are joined by their other housemate Frankie - played by Vince Leigh - on a surprise hot air balloon trip. As they ascend above beautiful Bath, disaster strikes and suddenly the balloon lurches out of control. As the balloon crash lands onto the meadow in Bath’s Royal Crescent, it’s revealed that Frankie is not there. Has he died in the ultimate act of sacrifice for his friends, or was he pushed?

Arriving on the scene, DCI McDonald and DS Dodds are joined by Roy Gilbert from the Air Incident Investigation Agency - played by Rob Brydon - who sets to work investigating the accident with as much precision as Dodds, but McDonald finds her new co-worker a difficult and unwelcome addition to the team.

As the suspects weave a web of half-truths and misdirections around McDonald, Dodds is drawn into a game of cat and mouse. But who is puling the strings? And following a near death experience, McDonald and Dodds are finally able to lay to rest the ghosts from the past.

1/3 Continues weekly

3. Bloodlands

Sunday 28th February at 9pm on BBC One

Unlike most dramas these days, there's no option to watch James Nesbitt's new BBC One drama Bloodlands all in one go. Instead, the 6m who watched last week (plus those who have since caught up) have been waiting a week to see DCI Tom Brannick continue the hunt for legendary assassin Goliath.

However, protocol will not let Tom near the island investigation. Driven by his hunger to settle a score with the past, Tom attempts to solve the kidnapping case and with the help of Birdy, they are soon in perilous pursuit of a possible connection to the crime.

But the question soon arises - Is it Goliath they are hunting, or someone making a false trail? With jeopardy for Tom and his daughter, and truth in the mouth of Adam Corry, a relative of another of Goliath's victims, Tom must piece it all together, before it is too late.

2/4 Continues weekly

4. MasterChef

Monday 1st March at 9pm, Wednesday 3rd March at 8pm, Friday 5th March at 8.05pm on BBC One

With Celebrity Best Home Cook over and Celebrity Bake Off just around the corner, this week is as good a week as any to launch the ever reliable MasterChef which returns to BBC One for an incredible 17th series!

Out of the thousands who applied, 40 hopeful amateur cooks have made it through to compete over four weeks of heats - each hoping to win an apron by cooking their signature dish, a dish which tells judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace who they are as a cook and how good they can become.

After tasting all five plates, John and Gregg pick their two favourite dishes, with those two cooks earning a coveted MasterChef apron and a place in the next round. The remaining three contestants must then compete in the new Favourite Ingredient Challenge, where they must create one exceptional dish that showcases their chosen favourite ingredient. And the stakes are high as one cook will be sent home.

But with just two places in Friday's quarter final up for grabs, the remaining four cooks must cook two courses that will excite not just John and Gregg, but also former MasterChef champions. That process is then repeated on Wednesday before the four winners from the first week of heats return to compete to win a place in knockout week.

1-3/18 Continues weekly

5. Unforgotten

Monday 1st March at 9pm on ITV

After 5.1m tuned in to watch last week's series four opener of ITV drama Unforgotten - the highest ever overnight for the series - and like Bloodlands, with the only option being to watch weekly, those numbers are likely to continue week after week.

This week, Cassie and Sunny continue to investigate Fogerty’s driving offence. Bit without the rest of the victim’s body, the team are unable to establish cause of death and are under pressure to progress the investigation. Without hard evidence, Andrews is reluctant to believe that the police probationers were involved.

Boulting has however, managed to track down Walsh’s estranged son Jerome. When Cassie pays him a visit, he reveals he has never met his father and the only contact he has is his Uncle Clive. Meanwhile, whilst Collier draws a blank searching for the rest of Walsh’s body, Sunny has had a breakthrough, identifying the names of the four passengers in the car.

Elsewhere, Dean Barton makes a mysterious trip to France, Liz Baildon is up for a promotion to the top job in the East Anglian police force and Ram is experiencing problems at work as he faces an allegation of inappropriate behaviour.

When Jerome’s DNA confirms that Matthew Walsh is definitely the victim, Cassie instructs it to be put out on the evening news.

2/6 Continues weekly

6. PRU

Tuesday 2nd March on BBC Three

Last week, it was revealed that PRU, a comedy pilot yet to air, about a group of teens navigating the pitfalls of adolescence in a Pupil Referral Unit, has already been given a four-part series for BBC Three.

Written by Alex Tenenbaum and Nathaniel Stevens, this new comedy set in a school for excluded kids is told through the eyes of four gloriously reckless young people who can’t help but say the unsayable and do the undoable.

Halil, Hanna, Jaeden and Belle - played by Jaye Ersavas, Kosar Ali, Michael ‘MBbants’ Boahen and Pia Somersby - are four very different 15 year-olds, with one thing in common. They’ve all been perm’d. Now, teetering on the edge of the education system, they’re negotiating Year 10 together at their local PRU.

In the pilot episode, they constantly come unstuck, seemingly determined to make the wrong call at every turn, wreaking havoc on teachers and each other’s feelings as they go. Why can’t Jaeden ever turn up for school? Why is Belle kicking bins down the corridor? And what has Halil done to annoy Hanna so much that she wants to dash a chair in his face?

Amidst all this chaos, will long-suffering behaviour manager Anthony ever get to eat his lamb stew and jollof rice?


7. Your Honor

Tuesday 2nd March at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

Bryan Cranston makes his return to television in Your Honor, where he stars as a respected judge who is thrown into a moral dilemma when his son is involved in a hit and run incident, his first leading role in a series since Breaking Bad.

This morally complex legal thriller, rips through all levels of New Orleans society and sees Cranston's character Michael Desiato, faced with an impossible decision that will impact his family forever. He must test the bonds with his oldest friend Charlie and put a strain on Adam’s secret relationship with girlfriend Frannie.

Wanting to protect his teenage son, Michael believes he can keep him safe if he tells no one about the hit and run. However, it soon becomes clear that the accident’s victim is a member of a crime family that metes out its own brand of justice.

Torn between protecting his son and doing the honourable thing, he is led into to a high-stakes game of lies, deceit and impossible choices.

1/10 Continues weekly


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