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WHAT TO WATCH 28 October - 3 November

This week's best telly includes the launch of Apple TV+, the start of His Dark Materials and the return of Queer Eye!

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Dublin Murders

Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th October at 9pm on BBC One

Sarah Phelps' fantastic psychological thriller, Dublin Murders continues this week with two further episodes, as Cassie immerses herself in the art of being Lexie, the history of Whitethorn House and the backgrounds of the dead woman’s housemates, who may or may not be murderers.

Now alone, Rob makes costly mistakes, and rapidly spirals, but in the depths of his despair remembers a fragment of his past which he is convinced is the key to everything.

In Whitethorn House, friends Daniel, Rafe, Justin and Abby are told that Lexie is fragile, but coming home to them. As they stand on the steps of Whitethorn House, four potential murderers watching the car approach and Cassie steps out, pale and thin, her stab wound dressed and healing, and a gun strapped to her leg.


2. The Accident

Thursday 31st October at 9pm on Channel 4

Jack Thorne's latest 4-part drama for Channel 4, The Accident continues this week as the aftermath of the tragedy leaves Polly worrying that her husband Iwan is hiding something.

As Angela gathers the families to fight for justice, Harriet faces questions at work and her assistant and lover, Tim acts to protect her by leaking information that drives a wedge through the town.


3. The Morning Show

Friday 1st November on Apple TV+

It's a big week for Apple with the launch of their brand new subscription service Apple TV+. Amongst a raft of new shows launching on the service is The Morning Show which stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell.

Executive produced by Aniston and Witherspoon, the series explores the world of morning news and the ego, ambition and the misguided search for power behind the people who help America wake up in the morning.


4. Queer Eye: We're in Japan

Friday 1st November on Netflix

The Fab Five are back as Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Tan France bring their expertise to Tokyo.

Across the series they'll be working with Kiko Mizuhara as their guide in every episode and Naomi Watanabe as special guest comedian, to make-better a group of heroes, and learn and experience Japanese cuisine, fashion, design, grooming and culture firsthand.

5. Strictly Come Dancing

Saturday 26th at 6.35pm and Sunday 27th October at 7.15pm on BBC One

This week in Strictly, just ten couples remain each battling it out for a chance to lift the coveted glitter ball trophy.

Each remaining couple will be hoping to impress the Strictly judges in the studio as well as the voting audience at home.

And in Sunday's results show, two more couples will face the dreaded dance off, with one couple leaving the competition for good as only nine couples can make it through to next weekend. The show will being with an Elton John inspired group dance and also feature a performance from Emeli Sandé.


6. His Dark Materials

Sunday 3rd November at 8pm on BBC One

Four years after the news that BBC One were to bring Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy to screen, the eight part series adapted by Jack Thorne will finally start this Sunday starring Dafne Keen as the young protagonist Lyra, who lives in Jordan College, Oxford.

Placed there by her uncle, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) she lives a sheltered life amongst the scholars and college staff under the watchful protection of The Master (Clarke Peters) and Librarian Charles (Ian Gelder).

When the glamorous and mesmeric Mrs Coulter (Ruth Wilson) enters Lyra’s life she embarks upon a dangerous journey of discovery as she travels from Oxford to London.


7. World on Fire

Sunday 3rd November at 9pm on BBC One

This week in the penultimate episode of World on Fire, it's June 1940, the Nazis have taken Paris with not a bullet fired and Webster and Albert's life in the city they love will never be the same again.

In Berlin, Nancy finds herself once again at the centre of the Rosslers' increasingly desperate situation as both Mr and Mrs Rossler are arrested for neglecting their patriotic duties.

Back in Manchester, Harry returns home with another companion, Demba, one of the heroic Sengalese troops who stayed by Harry's side at Dunkirk.

And in Warsaw, Kasia's murderous routine continues in earnest. As she and Tomasz take ever-greater risks in targeting the Germans, the net closes in on them.



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