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WHAT TO WATCH 30 September - 6 October

Returning favourites, new drama and more!

This week's best telly includes a highly-anticipated four-part follow-up to the hit film Boiling Point on BBC One, the third part of Netflix's French drama Lupin, a fourth series of Channel 5's hugely successful drama All Creatures Great and Small and BBC One's hit comedy Ghosts returns for its fifth and final series.

And if you fancy something brand new, there's a four-part documentary about David Beckham on Netflix, a dramatic retelling of Partygate on Channel 4, a new six-part drama starring Morven Christie on ITV1 and a new Netflix drama starring Sophie Wilde.

Here are 8 TV shows you can't miss this week...

1. Boiling Point

Sunday 1st October at 9pm on BBC One

Now a four-part BBC One drama, Boiling Point picks up eight months after the critically acclaimed film from 2021, which ended with Stephen Graham's character Andy Jones suffering a heart attack. Carly, played by Vinette Robinson, is now head chef at a new restaurant in Dalston called Point North and is battling to forge a name for the restaurant alongside her old kitchen crew.

The new series follows the team as the stresses of keeping the restaurant running bear down on them amidst a hospitality industry in crisis.

With the pressure to draw in new, hungry customers and the financial squeeze to keep the business profitable, the team must find a way to manage their complicated personal lives whilst creating quality food day in, and day out.

1/4 Continues weekly

2. Partygate

Tuesday 3rd October at 9.30pm on Channel 4

Channel 4’s new one-off factual drama, Partygate centres around two fictional Special Advisors Grace Greenwood, played by Georgie Henley and Annabel D’acre, played by Ophelia Lovibond.

Based on meticulous research of real events inside Downing Street, it will tell the inside story in dramatic re-enactments interwoven with news archive footage and documentary interviews, showing the horrors of Covid unfold across the nation, while staff at Number 10 kicked back at a string of parties lubricated by quantities of alcohol.

Impressionist Jon Culshaw will also be making a guest appearance as the voice of former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.


3. Beckham

Wednesday 4th October on Netflix

Netflix's new four-part documentary series, Beckham, tells the inside story of global football star and cultural icon, David Beckham. He's one of the most known names on the planet, yet few people know who he really is.

From his humble working-class beginnings in East London, his drive and determination to win, and the battle to find a balance between ambition, love and family, David's story is one of immense ups and downs. The series promises to take viewers on that rollercoaster and builds a surprising, personal and definitive story of one of the most recognisable and scrutinised athletes of all time.

With unprecedented access to David, his wife Victoria, his family, his friends and his teammates, Beckham promises to be an intimate portrait of a man as well as a chronicle of late-modern sports and celebrity culture.

1-4/4 All episodes available at launch

4. Payback

Wednesday 4th October at 9pm on ITV1

ITV's latest drama Payback follows Lexie Noble, played by Morven Christie, who becomes entangled in a perilous police operation to topple a notorious crime lord, Cal Morris, played by Peter Mullan.

With an idyllic family lifestyle in the suburbs of Edinburgh, Lexie is unaware her husband, Jared, has been laundering Cal Morris’ illegal earnings on a vast scale. Jared’s every move is being monitored by financial investigators DC Jibran Khan, played by Prasanna Puwanarajah, and DCI Adam Guthrie, played by Derek Riddell, who are determined to use the Noble family to bring Cal Morris to justice.

A partner in Jared’s business, Lexie is forced into working for Cal, at the same time as the police net inexorably tightens. Soon Lexie finds herself walking a treacherous tightrope between Cal and the police in which her safety, and even her life, are in grave danger.

1/6 Continues weekly. All episodes available at launch

5. Lupin

Thursday 5th October on Netflix

As Lupin returns for its third part, the media and police look to Claire and Raoul whilst an on-the-run Assane schemes to protect them from afar. But old foes are eager to thwart his plans.

Now in hiding, Assane must learn to live far from his wife and son. With the suffering they endure because of him, Assane can't stand it any longer and decides to return to Paris to make them a crazy proposal: leave France and start a new life elsewhere. But the ghosts of the past are never far away, and an unexpected return will turn his plans upside down.

1-7/7 All episodes available at launch

6. Everything Now

Thursday 5th October on Netflix

New Netflix drama Everything Now stars Sophie Wilde as 16-year-old Mia who returns home after a lengthy recovery from an eating disorder. Thrust back into the chaotic world of sixth form, she finds that her friends have moved on with teen life without her.

Along with an ever-evolving bucket list, three best mates and a major new crush, Mia throws herself headfirst into a world of dating, parties and first kisses, soon discovering that not everything in life can be planned for.

1-8/8 All episodes available at launch

7. All Creatures Great and Small

Thursday 5th October at 9pm on Channel 5

This week sees Channel 5's hit drama All Creatures Great and Small return for its fourth series ahead of a Christmas special later in the year. Based on James Herriot’s cherished and iconic collection of stories, the hit adaptation stars Nicholas Ralph as young country vet James Herriot who's now happily married to Helen Herriot, played by Rachel Shenton.

With Tristan away serving in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Siegfried and James bring in some extra hands to help around the practice with Neve McIntosh joining the cast as highly efficient bookkeeper Miss Harbottle, alongside James Anthony-Rose as studious but somewhat unworldly undergraduate veterinary student Richard Carmody.

This series picks up in the springtime of 1940 with change on the horizon for everyone in Skeldale House. James and Helen wonder when the right time might be to start a family, not knowing whether or not James will be called up to serve in the RAF.

Tristan’s absence is felt by all, but no one more than Siegfried who attempts to hold the growing household, and himself, together as he braves this new world. Mrs Hall and Helen’s friendship blossoms as they look to the future and new trainee veterinary student Richard Carmody arrives, causing complications in the house.

1/6 Continues weekly

8. Ghosts

Friday 6th October at 8.30pm on BBC Two

As Ghosts returns for its fifth and sadly final series, Mike approaches Alison to discuss their finances following the loss of their B&B business.

However, Alison is more preoccupied with plotting revenge on the Ghosts for April Fool’s Day and recruits a playful Humphrey to execute her plans. But who will prove the hardest to fool?

Meanwhile, Mike is shocked to find someone from their insurance company on his doorstep – an unannounced visit to check the details of the gatehouse fire. Can Mike convince her that lightning really can strike thrice?

1/6 Continues weekly. All episodes available at launch


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