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WHAT TO WATCH 4-10 February

This week’s best telly includes penultimate episodes of Two Doors Down and Cleaning Up as well as the return of hit BBC Three sitcom Man Like Mobeen.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Cold Feet

Monday 4th February at 9pm on ITV

This week in Cold Feet, David's problems go from bad to worse as he has nowhere to stay and no job prospects. But he's too proud to ask his friends for help so resorts to desperate measures.

Jenny’s feeling stifled as she heads off for an appointment with Karen and Pete can’t shake the feeling Jenny isn’t being honest with him. With Adam's help, they follow her and track her to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Adam's still hung up on his festival kiss with Karen, but when she sets him up on a date with book illustrator Caitlin (played by Eve Myles) then he realises that him and Karen is a no go. As for Karen, finding a man is the last thing on her mind but when she has a surprisingly good rapport with hospital Chaplain, Dan, she can’t help but be intrigued. 


2. Two Doors Down

Monday 4th February at 10pm on BBC Two

Every week Two Doors Down delivers and this week is no different as Alan and Michelle take refuge in Beth and Eric’s house whilst their house gets redecorated.

Keen to not be a nuisance, Michelle tries to get to bed as early as possible, but just as she heads upstairs, Christine arrives bearing rhubarb. Hot on her heels are Cathy and Colin, who turn up with the leftovers from their restaurant meal, which they generously hand over to Beth.

Realising it's not easy to leave the sawdust behind, Alan discovers it in the most inconvenient of places and decides that the only solution to completely rid it from all cracks is for him to have a bath!


3. Cleaning Up

Wednesday 6th February at 9pm on ITV

As we reach the penultimate episode of ITV's hit drama Cleaning Up, Sam’s gamble may have paid off for now, but it throws her into deeper water.

With Sam and Swanny growing even closer to one another, he entrusts her to make a large investment for him. Seduced by his glamorous and risky world, Sam goes to desperate lengths to pull off the extraordinary task.

As Sam revels in her new persona, Dave starts to notice the change in her whilst Glynn notices that Sam is still in financial trouble at home as she receives a worrying visit from her landlady. In denial about her dependence, Sam relents to Alice’s pressure and agrees to go to a meeting for gambling addicts – but runs into some unwanted company.


4. Pure

Wednesday 6th February at 10pm on Channel 4

After last week's fantastic series opener, chances are you've probably already seen this week's episode as the entire series has been made available on All4.

But if you're choosing to watch weekly, then you're in for a treat as this week Marnie attends a sex addicts meeting to find out an explanation for what's wrong with her.

Things start to look up when she finds an unexpected kindred spirit in recovering porn addict Charlie, played by Joe Cole, and gets closer to Amber and Joe after talking herself into a job at Ethel magazine.


5. Hypothetical

Wednesday 6th February at 10pm on Dave

Comedians James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe have teamed up for Hypothetical, a brand new show on Dave where come comedians are posed increasingly absurd hypothetical situations and scored on how well they would deal with them.

Over three rounds, two teams of comedians must think fast as they are faced with a series of completely made-up scenarios and interrogated on their approach to each one. It's Josh's job to ask the questions and interrogate the guests' methods whilst James deals with the guests quibbles and queries and doles out the points.

Joining them in the first episode are Tom Allen, Rob Beckett, Jessica Knappett and Liza Tarbuck.


6. Man Like Mobeen

Thursday 7th February from 10am on BBC Three

This week sees Guz Khan's Man Like Mobeen make a welcome return to BBC Three for another four-part series. The sitcom centres around 29-year-old Mobeen, from Small Heath, a reported no go zone for anyone who isn’t Muslim and a hotbed for terrorist activity.

Of course, Mobeen knows no terrorists, and spends his personal time parenting his best friends Eight and Nate and his little sister Aks. But with his criminal past always threatening to catch up with him, will we see it finally happen in series two?

The series will drop as a boxset and begins with Aks' prom night, but will Mobeen let her go? Especially with the threat of a stabbing! However things get complicated when one of her classmates, Ridwan, makes some very unwise decisions that leave Mobeen very concerned.

It's not only his little sister that Mobeen needs to keep out of trouble, it's also Eight who is in danger of getting in too deep with a local wide boy.


7. The British Academy Film Awards 2019

Sunday 10th February on BBC One

Joanna Lumley returns to the Royal Albert Hall in London to host the The British Academy Film Awards 2019.

Leading the nominations with twelve is The Favourite followed by Bohemian Rhapsody, First Man, Roma and A Star Is Born each with seven. Elsewhere Vice has six nominations, BlacKkKlansman has five and Cold War and Green Book have four each.

And receiving three nominations each are Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Mary Poppins Returns, Mary Queen Of Scots and Stan & Ollie.



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