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WHAT TO WATCH 4-10 March

This week's best telly includes two new Channel 4 documentaries, the return of Interior Design Masters on BBC One, the second part of the fourth season of You on Netflix plus the highly anticipated return of one of ITV1's finest crime dramas, The Bay.

Here are 5 TV shows you can't miss this week...

1. George Michael: Outed

Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th March at 9pm on Channel 4

In 1998, in Los Angeles, George Michael was arrested for committing a lewd act in a public toilet. It could have been career-ending, but it became a defining moment of gay liberation. Channel 4's new two-part documentary, George Michael: Outed, tells the thrilling inside story of how George turned disaster into a PR coup in a landmark moment for queer politics.

Featuring never-before broadcast audio of George and interviews with his inner circle, his partner at the time, Kenny Goss, and cousin and business partner Andros Georgiou, this two-parter reveals how George took on the tabloids and won.

As the media descended on George's Hollywood home, the film meets the journalists who got the first tip-off that George's 'secret' was about to be revealed. Kevin Smith, the founder of Splash News, an agency renowned for breaking celebrity scandals, reveals that 'the gloves were off, the moment the news was out.' But why was it a secret?

The opening episode looks back to earlier in George Michael's career when the young pop pin-up faced a stark choice. As former manager Simon Napier-Bell explains: 'It would probably be better if George wasn't gay.' As the eighties progressed and the AIDS crisis turned into a moral panic, former Communard Richard Coles recalls: 'If you were nervous about how you might be perceived as a gay man in 1982, by 1986, you would have perhaps more reason to be'.

Or as George revealed later, when established as an international star: 'If you have the option of hiding, when you're more successful than you ever dreamed you're going to be, what are you gonna do?'

1-2/2 Continues nightly

2. Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr

Tuesday 7th March at 9pm on BBC One

As Interior Design Masters returns, host Alan Carr and interiors guru Michelle Ogundehin are on the hunt for more talent, passion and dazzling designs as 10 talented designers compete for one life-changing contract.

For the first challenge, the 10 new budding interior designers must compete in a makeover challenge, transforming five luxury apartments in London’s Elephant and Castle. Working in pairs, one designer will be in charge of the open-plan kitchen-living room, whilst the other transforms the bedrooms.

Each apartment must be targeted towards a different type of tenant, from young couples to older residents. Finished designs must show cohesion between the teammates' schemes and clever use of sustainable materials. With just two days, £1800 and a team of tradespeople to help, the designers begin turning these blank canvases into fresh new takes on urban living.

1/8 Continues weekly

3. The Bay

Wednesday 8th March at 9pm on ITV1

With the return of Unforgotten last week and the return of The Bay this week, ITV1 are really spoiling us when it comes to two of their finest crime dramas. As The Bay returns for its fourth series, a heartbreaking new case challenges the Morecambe MIU.

In the first episode, as DS Jenn Townsend, Morecambe Police’s Family Liaison Officer played once again by Marsha Thomason, works late, she receives an emergency call and races to the scene to find horror unfolding for a broken family, the Metcalfs.

As they have to face their overwhelming loss, Jenn must gain their trust to help Manning and the MIU uncover the truth of what happened. Back at home, Jenn’s got troubles of her own as, along with Chris, she tries to get to grips with the realities of having a house full of teenagers and a blended family.

1/6 Continues weekly. All episodes available at launch

4. Kathy Burke: Growing Up

Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th March at 10pm on Channel 4

Having explored what it means to be a woman and the role money plays in our lives, acclaimed actor and director Kathy Burke turns her attention to age for a new two-part documentary, Kathy Burke: Growing Up.

As she celebrates turning 58, naturally Kathy contemplates getting older and explores the lives and experiences of the old and the young. Over two funny and revealing episodes, Kathy asks; should we fight or accept old age? And is it now easier or harder to be young in today's world?

To help her in this quest of discovery, she meets some ordinary people with extraordinary lives and views on being young today and getting older; as well as some famous faces, who share their experiences and insights, including showbiz pals Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey, Charlotte Church and TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois.

In the opening episode, Kathy examines getting older and what might happen to her in later life, and learns from others who are defying the limits of old age and are glad to be grey, most of the time, achy joints permitting.

And in the second episode, Kathy examines being young and looks back on her much-loved youth when she was carefree and confident. But now, young people are growing up in a world where everything they do is documented and your mistakes are online forever. Kathy sets out to ask if it's now easier or harder to be young in today's world.

1-2/2 Continues nightly

5. You

Thursday 9th March on Netflix

A month after the first five episodes from the fourth season of You dropped on Netflix, we're finally getting to find out what Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg chooses to do, now that there's another killer on the streets of London. Will he risk it all to stop the murders, or choose to join forces with Rhys?

Having fled to Europe to escape his "messy" past, how much longer will Joe manage to keep up his new identity? Is professor Jonathan Moore's true identity about to be revealed?

6-10/10 All episodes available


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