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WHAT TO WATCH 4-10 November

This week's best telly includes the conclusion of Dublin Murders and World on Fire, the return of End of the F***ing World and the continuation of His Dark Materials.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. Dublin Murders

Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th November at 9pm on BBC One

This week sees Sarah Phelps' fantastic psychological thriller, Dublin Murders come to what promises to be a dramatic end as Daniel realises that Cassie isn't Lexie and Rob and Cassie are forced into a face-to-face reunion.

Reaching a turning point, Rob finally discovers who Katy's killer is after realising that the cases were never connected. Elsewhere, drugged and held hostage, Cassie exploits the weaknesses, insecurities and rivalries of those in Whitethorn House to get them to turn on each other,

In the final episode, arrests are made and both Operation Vestal and Operation Mirror are officially closed. Rob realises he is in love with Cassie, but has destroyed their relationship and as he leaves Dublin forever, he stops at Knocknaree to watch as the woods are flattened to make way for a road.


2. End of the F***ing World

Monday 4th - Thursday 7th November at 10pm on Channel 4

After the climax of series one, we re-join the story two years after the tragic events on the beach as End of F***ing World returns with two episodes each night until Thursday or all episodes will be available on All4 from Monday.

In the opening episode, Alyssa claims to be fine after everything that happened but events from her past are about to catch up with her and we meet a new character, troubled outsider Bonnie who has a mysterious connection to Alyssa.

As the series continues, Alyssa runs away from home in unlikely circumstances and finds herself distracted by a mysterious stranger and is forced to spend the night in a remote motel where they're not used to receiving guests.


3. The Accident

Thursday 7th November at 9pm on Channel 4

The inquest opens in the penultimate episode of Jack Thorne's latest 4-part drama for Channel 4, The Accident, and questions are asked of Iwan, Alan and Harriet.

Polly is forced to choose between her husband and justice when asked to betray Iwan to get the evidence the families of the victims need.

Meanwhile, Harriet's boss presents her with an impossible choice with devastating results for Tim.


4. Flirty Dancing

Friday 8th November on Channel 4

At the start of the year, Ashley Banjo kicked off 2019 with a new innovative feel-good dating show called Flirty Dancing which puts old school romance back into modern dating as a raft of hopeless romantics looking to find love on the dancefloor.

Each episode sees Ashley match two couples as he choreographs bespoke dance dates that allow the pair to get to know each other in a totally unique way. They won't talk, they just dance, and when the music stops they'll walk away without saying a word.

Based purely on the chemistry they feel in the dance, they must then decide if there's enough of a spark to want to see each other again.


5. His Dark Materials

Sunday 10th November at 8pm on BBC One

After last week's epic series opener (Still got that theme tune stuck in your head? Thought so.) Lyra arrives to her new life in London.

She's determined to find Roger with Mrs Coulter’s help whilst the Gyptians continue their search for the missing children and the elusive Gobblers.


6. World on Fire

Sunday 10th November at 9pm on BBC One

As World on Fire comes to an end, Harry has a second chance at saving Kasia from Warsaw.

Now part of the Special Operations Executive, Harry is about to embark on his first mission and is stunned when Major Taylor tells him he must leave for Poland on a mission to intercept a resistance group who have been identified and targeted by the Nazis. Meanwhile, in Warsaw Kasia is led to the gallows until a bomb explodes amongst the watching crowds.

Lois welcomes a baby daughter into the world, and it falls to Robina to break the news to Harry that he is now a father. This spurs Harry to head to the Bennett House, where he is met by Douglas, who warns him to stay away.

Harry then heads to Poland, landing behind enemy lines. Putting his language and military skills to the test, he meets with his Polish liaison. He’s led to a barn the network are using, and is at last reunited with Kasia. Is this his chance to save his wife and bring her home to Manchester?


7. Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey

Sunday 10th November at 9pm on ITV

In this new two-part special, Ant & Dec embark on a surprisingly emotional journey of discovery. Guided by expert genealogists and historians, the pair will follow their maternal and paternal blood lines using their DNA to search their ancestral history.

Their travels take them to Ireland and the US, including The United Nations Headquarters, and not only will the pair delve into their past but they'll also meet relatives they had no clue even existed, unveiling some truly shocking revelations that only their DNA could unlock. 

As Ant & Dec embark on their journey, viewers will be treated to a rare and personal glimpse into this truly remarkable friendship with their warmth and infectious humour that has not only captured the nation over the years, but has seen them achieve huge success resulting in a multitude of awards and accolades.

Continues Monday 11th November.



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