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WHAT TO WATCH 6-12 February

This week, two brilliant dramas and two brilliant comedies come to an end, whilst the Roots remake arrives in the UK, Sheridan Smith is back doing what she does best and BBC Three unleash another mockumentary.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week...

1. Apple Tree Yard

Monday 6th February, 9pm on BBC One

The penultimate episode of Apple Tree Yard might have only been on last night, but for some reason (not really sure why), you don’t have to wait a week to find out how the series ends as the final episode airs on Monday night on BBC One.

Last night, we saw Yvonne ripped away from her family and arrested for murder and trial began, where she learnt that everything she thought she knew about her lover was a lie.

In the final episode, the murder trial continues, with Costley’s defence resting on evidence of an underlying personality disorder.

But the prosecution barrister rips this theory apart and Costley’s case seems to lie in tatters. Costley’s back is up against the wall. Has he reached his tipping point?And if the court find out that Yvonne lied about their affair, will they believe anything else she’s said?


2. The Moorside

Tuesday 7th February, 9pm on BBC One

This week sees Sheridan Smith star in BBC One's new two-part drama The Moorside,

Following the disappearance of nine year-old Shannon Matthews from The Moorside Estate in Dewsbury, the police and community mount a frantic search. Despite their efforts, no trace of her can be found and within a few hours the police investigation takes on the scale of a murder enquiry.

Emotional public appeals for information from her mother Karen Matthews amount to nothing, and the community, led by Julie Bushby (Sheridan Smith), stand by her and make extraordinary efforts of their own to find Shannon.

Despite the support, doubts are beginning to creep in for some regarding Karen’s behaviour. Friend and neighbour Natalie (Sian Brooke) struggles with her conscience as she becomes convinced that Karen knows more than she is revealing.

Just as all hope is close to fading, Shannon is found alive. The wild celebrations of Julie and the community are rapidly cut short when they learn that Shannon was being held by a man known to Karen.


3. This Country

Wednesday 8th February, From 10am on BBC Three

This Country is a brand new sitcom for BBC Three which takes the mockumentary format to explore the lives of young people in modern rural Britain, focusing on cousins Kerry and Lee ‘Kurtan’ Mucklowe and their life experiences in a typical Cotswold village.

In the opening episode, Scarecrow, Kurtan is focusing his attentions on the annual village scarecrow festival, a key event in the village calendar that can both unite and divide the community.

Tensions run high when his chances of winning the competition are compromised by being given a less than ideal plot to display his scarecrow. Meanwhile, Kerry faces a challenge to her authority.


4. Roots

Wednesday 8th February, 9pm on BBC Four

Having first aired in May 2016 in the US, this Roots remake has taken a while to reach the UK but this week the first of four parts arrives on BBC Four.

Set in Juffere, West Africa, 1767, young, proud Kunta Kinte (Malachi Kirby) is being initiated as a Mandinka warrior and is ready to start thinking about his future.

But a feud with a rival family results in him being kidnapped and sold to English slave traders, who are in the business of transporting shiploads of enslaved Africans to America to be sold.

Following an attempted rebellion on board of the ship, Kunta is eventually brought to Maryland, where he is purchased by Virginia tobacco baron John Waller (James Purefoy). But the young warrior's indomitable spirit is not ready to be subjugated.


5. Unforgotten

Thursday 9th February, 9pm on ITV

The second series of Unforgotten has been nothing short of outstanding. For five weeks, the nation have been gripped as the discovery of David Walker's body lead Cassie and Sunny try to join the dots to discover who actually killed him 25 years earlier.

Though Sara has provided reliable evidence that she was in Italy when the murder took place, Cassie suspects that it is too good – that it’s something put together by someone who knew that one day they’d need an alibi.

Knowing that Sara came into contact with David whilst she worked as a prostitute and suspecting that she was abused by him as a child, the team wonder whether the case is part of a wider revenge plan.

Searching for answers about their childhoods, Cassie travels to Glasgow to talk to Colin’s father, Harry whilst Sunny pays a visit to Marion’s sister, Elise, and mother, Joy, who are heartbroken when they start to understand the truth about their loved ones.

Will the mystery finally be solved? And how will Cassie and Sunny react when they find out?


6. Chewing Gum

Thursday 10pm & 10:30pm on E4

This week sees the second series of hit comedy Chewing Gum come to an end and E4 are showing the two final episodes back-to-back.

In the first of two episodes, Tracey and Ola crash Aaron and Candice's 'meet the parents' weekend in the country where all four of them make some bad decisions. Ola heads off with some new and exciting people, while Tracey becomes infatuated with Aaron's dad Marlon. Meanwhile, Cynthia decides to be sexually proactive.

In the final episode, Cynthia has lost her virginity, but is Tracey really comfortable that she got there first? Tracey decides to pursue Remi, a hot guy from her new book club. Karly has engaged Big Leisha to help track down her baby father, while Candice pushes Aaron to the limit. Will there be a third series? I do hope so!

5 & 6/6

7. Uncle

Sunday 12th February, From 10am on BBC Three

Some sitcoms struggle when they reach a third series but in my opinion the third and final series of Uncle has been outstanding and I'm sure the final episode won't disappoint.

When Andy’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime it might mean the end of Errol and Andy’s relationship as we know it.



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