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WHAT TO WATCH 8-14 April

This week's best telly includes two new dramas, the end of three brilliant comedies and of course another episode of Line of Duty.

Here are 7 shows you can’t miss this week...

1. The Victim

Monday 8th - Thursday 11th April at 9pm on BBC One

BBC One are hoping to have you glued to your TV screens as their latest drama The Victim, starring Kerry Macdonald, James Harkness and John Hannah airs over four consecutive nights.

Fifteen years after her son’s murder, Anna Dean arrives at Edinburgh High Court for the start of a major court case, but who is on trial? Six months previously, on Halloween, Craig Myers is viciously attacked and discovers he has been accused online of being the notorious child murderer Eddie J. Turner.

The investigation into the online post and the subsequent attack uncovers evidence that D.I. Grover believes incriminates Anna - but senior officers seem intent on blocking his enquiries.

Meanwhile the first day of court proceedings brings Craig and Anna face to face and raises the question, is Craig really Eddie, or is this a case of mistaken identity?


2. The Widow

Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th April at 9pm on ITV

Kate Beckinsale stars as Georgia Wells in ITV's new drama The Widow.

For three years, ever since the love of her life Will Mason died in a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia has lived as a recluse in the Welsh countryside, away from civilisation and the comforts of 21st-century living.

Her life changes one day when she spots Will in the background of a TV news report about the Congo. Shocked to her core, but filled with determination that Will is still alive, Georgia returns to the country’s capital, Kinshasa, for the first time since the plane crash.


3. Fleabag

Monday 8th April from 10am on BBC Three and at 10:35pm on BBC One

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has truly excelled herself this series and this week's final ever episode is funny and heartbreaking and as much as I don’t want Fleabag to end, it ends beautifully.

It's the day of her father's wedding and Jake wants to know where Claire is, whilst the Priest upstages the bride. As secrets are revealed and decisions are made, will Fleabag find the ending she’s looking for?

6/6 (Episodes 1-5 available to watch on BBC iPlayer)

4. Derry Girls

Tuesday 9th April at 9pm on Channel 4

By the time series one of Derry Girls ended we already knew that Channel 4 had given the show a second run. But as series two comes to an end this week, we still don't know if there'll be a third series. Although I'd be very surprised if there wasn't.

As Christmas approaches, excitement in Derry is at fever pitch for President Bill Clinton's visit. Meanwhile James gets a surprise and Granda Joe embarks on a mysterious plan of his own.

6/6 (Episodes 1-5 available to watch on All 4)

5. Home

Tuesday 9th April at 9:30pm on Channel 4

Home is one of 2019's finest television series. It's warm, it's funny and very timely and sadly it's coming to an end.

In the final episode, with the day of his substantive interview fast approaching, Sami is desperate to make a good impression. But is Britain really where his heart lies?

Meanwhile, Peter decides to make up for lost time with Katy and John, and make some meaningful gestures.

6/6 (Episodes 1-5 available to watch on All 4)

6. Lee and Dean

Thursday 11th April at 10pm on Channel 4

Lee and Dean, the hit Channel 4 comedy which centres around the lives of Stevenage builders and childhood friends Lee and Dean, is back for a second series.

Following the rather explosive stag and hen weekends at the end of series one, the second series follows the boys, their friends and exes, as they try to re-build their lives.

In the first episode, a funeral brings Lee and Dean back together for the first time since the tears and revelations of Great Yarmouth. Dean has a surprising new addition to his life and Mrs. Bryce-D’Souza has made a fresh start.

1/6 (All episodes will be available to watch on All 4)

7. Line of Duty

Sunday 14th April at 9pm on BBC One

After the revelations in the first episode that John Corbett isn't who we once thought this week's episode sees him come up with his most daring plan yet.

A plan which requires Lisa McQueen to exploit links with corrupt police officers and AC-12 make a shocking discovery.

3/6 (Catch up on BBC iPlayer)


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