WHAT TO WATCH 8-14 October

This week's best telly sees the return of Vicky McClure's wonderful dementia choir, Sue Perkins is in for a shock as she tries to rid her boredom, new dramas launch on Disney+ and Netflix, new comedies launch on BBC Three and Channel 4 and this year's National Television Awards take place. But who will win big on the night?

Here are 7 TV shows you can't miss this week...

1. Wreck

Sunday 9th October at 10pm on BBC Three

New BBC Three comedy Wreck follows 19-year-old Jamie Walsh, played by Oscar Kennedy, who has paid a Velorum crew member to take his position on board The Sacramentum so that he can investigate what really happened to his missing sister, who vanished from the same ship three months earlier.

During his induction, he meets the ship’s autocratic Officers and fellow new recruits - all eager to taste the freedom of being away from home for the first time.

As Jamie quickly establishes a bond with fellow newbie Vivian (Thaddea Graham), he bumps into young, charming, Filipino waiter Olly and there’s an instant attraction. Whilst the new recruits attend a wild induction party, a crew member is brutally attacked.

1/6 Continues weekly. All episodes available at launch

2. Our Dementia Choir Sings Again with Vicky McClure

Monday 10th October at 9pm on BBC One

It's been four years since Vicky formed her choir of people living with dementia and proved the undeniable power of music to change the lives of those living with the condition. But as she discovers when she catches up with old members Mick and Julie and new members Kev and Leslie, nothing has really changed.

There is a lack of support and help available to those being diagnosed and there are growing care issues and music therapy is not available for most people living with the condition.

To raise awareness of these issues, Vicky turns to her choir for help. Together, they decide they are going to do what they do best and sing to get their message across by recording and releasing their own single – a very special song that has been gifted to them by a local Nottingham band.

In the process, they walk in the footsteps of music legends The Beatles and make musical history when then become the first dementia choir to record at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

1/2 Continues weekly

3. Candy

Wednesday 12th October on Disney+

New drama Candy, based on a true story sees Jessica Biel play Candy Montgomery, a 1980 housewife and mother who did everything right. Good husband, two kids, nice house, even the careful planning and execution of transgressions.

But when the pressure of conformity builds within her, her actions scream for just a bit of freedom. Until someone tells her to shush. With deadly results.

Also stars Melanie Lynskey, Timothy Simons, Pablo Schreiber, and Raúl Esparza.

1-5/5 All episodes available at launch

4. Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal

Thursday 13th October on Netflix

Comedian Sue Perkins has been a mostly good girl most of her life. She’s stuck to the rules, stuck to the script, worked hard and kept it sensible. Sue’s never even had a cigarette let alone broken the law. And now, well, she’s bored.

On a journey that will take her from Mexico to Colombia to Brazil to Bolivia, from the darkest corners of the world’s biggest city to wild expanses of perfect isolation, Sue will learn about Latin American people and their attitude towards authority, love and life by doing things that she never could or would do at home... in adventurous, shockingly legal and sometimes dangerous ways.

5. The Watcher

Thursday 13th October on Netflix

Created by Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennan and based on the true story of the infamous “Watcher” house in New Jersey, new Netflix drama The Watcher follows what happens when the Brannock family moves into what was supposed to be their suburban dream home, but quickly becomes a living hell.