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Whitney and Zack are both looking for love in EastEnders

But could the answer lie with one another?

With Chelsea away, Finlay and Felix are determined to throw a party, but Whitney is not convinced. But when the boys mention that Zack is looking for love, and promise to do all the cleaning up, Whitney has a change of heart.

All glammed up, Whitney waits for Zack who eventually arrives at the party with another girl, Mandy, and can't understand Whitney's reaction. Until Felix gives him the heads up.

Meanwhile, as Finlay consoles Whitney with a pep talk, she moves in for a kiss. How will he react?

The next day, in the Minute Mart, Zack is frustrated that Whitney doesn't seem bothered about him and Felix and Finlay baulk at the prospect of having to clean up after the party as promised.

But when they do, Whitney is impressed and Felix can see she is putting up a front regarding liking Zack.

As Whitney heads to The Albert with Felix and Finlay, they convince her not to give up on looking for love. When Zack arrives and makes an attempt to win her over, Whitney agrees to a drink at the Vic. But will their night end there?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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