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Whitney discovers that Gray killed Chantelle in EastEnders and tells Chelsea on her wedding day

Will Chelsea believe Whitney or go through with the wedding?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

As Gray reveals to Shirley that the woman he saw on the bus wasn’t Tina, Whitney is resolute to find out more information on Gray and begs Laura to speak to Chelsea. But she admits that she already tried but Chelsea didn’t want to listen.

When Whitney witnesses Kheerat telling Gray he’ll come to the wedding, she storms off, feeling evermore isolated in her quest. Desperate for more answers, Whitney questions Kheerat about Gray but he defends him.

Chelsea appeals to Kim to put the issues with Denise behind her and Karen and Mitch both tell Gray they aren’t coming to the wedding as it’s too hard for them after Chantelle. But later, Karen reconsiders going to the wedding.

Desperate to get through to Chelsea, Whitney approaches Chelsea who mistakenly thinks she’s after an invite to the wedding and invites her. Desperate to get the truth once and for all, Whitney continues in her mission to prove to just who Gray is and what he has done.

When Chelsea calls Whitney in a panic, she rushes over to No. 1 and Whitney is in complete shock as she uncovers the truth and comes to the terrifying conclusion that Gray killed Chantelle.

Finally, with proof, Whitney is determined to stop the wedding and reveal the truth.

Elsewhere, an emotional Denise tells Kim how much it would mean to have her there on her special day and Kim considers it but later tells her kids they’re going back to Scotland.

As Chelsea and Denise prepare for their special days, Whitney is ready and determined to go through with her plan of exposing Gray, knowing that she has to tell Chelsea that Gray killed Chantelle.

But as Gray and Denise wait for their respective partners, they’re nowhere in sight and Chelsea is stunned. Will she believe Whitney or go through with the wedding?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays plus Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day on BBC One


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