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Whitney's gig at The Vic ends in terror for Linda in EastEnders as Zack comes to her rescue

And how will Rocky feel when Kathy moves on with Harvey?

As Rocky promotes Whitney’s charity gig at The Vic, he spots Kathy and Bobby. When Bobby notices his nan looking over at Rocky, he suggests she find someone else to take her mind off him.

And when Kathy tells Karen she doesn’t have a date to the gig, she suggests she goes with Harvey.

Later, at The Vic, Bobby and Dana are shocked to see Kathy with Harvey and Whitney is nervous ahead of her song and tries to leave, but Rocky stops her.

Eventually, she builds up her confidence to take the stage and the crowd adore her.

Approaching Kathy, Rocky tells her that he's happy she's moved on. Stung by his nonchalance, Kathy decides the date with Harvey is now real.

As everyone celebrates Whitney's performance, two men eye up the charity bucket from the gig. Whilst Mick, Whitney and a group of supporters head off to the café, Linda stays behind to lock up. But as the men return, they grab a petrified Linda!

Upstairs Zack and Nancy are worried about their family seeing Zack, but when they hear a commotion Zack rushes downstairs. Can he save Linda?

And later, Jack pops into The Vic with news of the robbery.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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