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Will feels humiliated in EastEnders after 'date' with Jada

How will she react when he tells her he likes her?

With Sharon going away with Albie, Jada tells Zack about a planned party for tomorrow but he tells her to cancel it.

But when Will enters the salon asking for an invite, Jada is confused and realises that her friends have sent out a massive invite on her behalf for a party at Sharon’s despite her cancelling it.

Trying to get an empty house, Jada encourages Zack and Martin to go out tomorrow and to her relief, they agree.

As they prepare for their night out, Zack is suspicious about Jada’s plans and when they leave, Jada’s friends including Will come round ready to party. But the girls question why no one else has come.

Checking in, Sonia ends the party and takes Will home and Zack is disappointed with Jada who begs him not to tell Sharon. But before Sharon arrives, Zack gives Jada an ultimatum, if she doesn't tell Sharon, he will.

Meanwhile, in the market, Will tries to encourage Martin to not tell Sharon about Jada’s party but Martin has his doubts and later as Sharon arrives back, Jada plucks up the courage to tell her. But Martin covers, meaning her secret is safe.

Later, Martin teases Jada that her meeting with Will is a date but she firmly dismisses him. And in the park, Will has brought snacks and flowers telling Jada he really likes her. A shocked Jada embarrasses Will who walks away humiliated.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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