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Will sleeps with Kim to distract her from Harriet who's still hiding in the cellar in Emmerdale

But will his plan work? Or will Kim see through him?

When Will visits Harriet in the cellar, he sees that she's packed up her belongings. Hoping that this means she’s going to leave her bunker, Harriet's unsure, reluctant to commit. But they both freeze when they hear Kim entering Woodbine through the unlocked front door, demanding to know what's going on.

Fearing that they're about to be discovered, Will sneaks upstairs and feigns entry from the back door. Lying to her, he tells Kim that Harriet wanted him back, then took off when he rejected her.

Sympathetic, Kim opens up to Will about the problems in her own life and makes a pass at him! As he prepares to rebuff her, they’re distracted by a noise from the cellar and Will starts to panic.

In the cellar, Harriet hurriedly picks up a battery she knocked off the table as she strains to listen to Kim and Will.

When Kim wants to investigate the noise in the cellar, a flailing Will deflects by suggesting they head upstairs leaving Kim excited, whilst Will steals himself.

Later, as they both head downstairs, Will's still painfully aware of Harriet in the cellar. And when Kim suggests they meet at her place next time, Will's stricken to realise she’s expecting a repeat performance.

As soon as Kim leaves, Will heads down to the cellar to check on Harriet, defending his actions with Kim as a necessary distraction. But has this caused a heartbroken Harriet to regress?

Meanwhile, when Andrea states that she wants Dale View in the divorce settlement, to provide security for her and Millie, Kim accuses her of being a gold digger and is primed for a fight.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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