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Yasmeen collapses in Corrie after locking herself in No.6, convinced she's going back to prison

Can Alya save her? Or will she always be Geoff's victim?

After learning that Geoff left everything to Tim, Alya is furious. Tim tells Adam that he doesn't want a penny of Geoff’s money as it should have rightfully gone to Yasmeen. But Adam warns him that it’s not that simple.

As Alya chucks all Geoff’s belongings out, Tim asserts that everything he inherited from Geoff, he’s transferring to Yasmeen, her unease evident.

After pointing out that with Geoff’s money and the sale of the community centre, they can pay off the debts, Alya is worried sick when Yasmeen opens a County Court Judgement.

Yasmeen suffers a panic attack when Tim calls at Speed Daal with the paperwork for the transfer of Geoff’s assets, and flees.

As George surveys the ‘for sale’ board on the community centre, he tells Yasmeen he’s interested in buying it as a new premises for his funeral parlour. As Yasmeen hurries away, Eileen berates him for his insensitivity.

Convinced she’s going back to prison, Alya finds Yasmeen in full meltdown as she's locked herself into No.6. But when Yasmeen is suddenly wracked with pain, she clutches her chest as she struggles to breath. Bolted in the house, Yasmeen leans against the sofa gasping for air.

As Alya and Tim force their way in, they are horrified to find Yasmeen collapsed on the floor, struggling to breathe.

Later, Alya fights back tears as she looks at her fragile Gran in her hospital bed. When the doctor confirms that Yasmeen suffered a major panic attack brought on by stress, Alya worries that Yasmeen will never recover from her ordeal with Geoff.

Returning home from the hospital, Yasmeen asserts that she doesn’t want pills or counselling, leaving Alya in despair. And when Elaine calls in and raises the subject of Geoff's will, Yasmeen asserts that she’ll keep the house but wants Elaine to have Geoff’s stake in Speed Daal. Alya and Elaine are taken aback!

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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