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Yasmeen discovers the truth about money laundering in Corrie

What does this mean for Alya and Zeedan? And is Marrium about to discover the truth too?

Alya tells Ryan that she is worried that Zeedan will end up telling Marrium the truth about her dad’s death and Zeedan and Ryan decide to buy a new dishwasher from a mate of Bernie’s with Hashim’s dirty cash.

Meanwhile, a concerned Yasmeen offers Stu a full-time job at Speed Daal and a roof over his head but makes a shocking discovery when clearing out the room for him.

After convincing Zeedan that it’s time they told their Gran the truth, Alya explains how Hashim forced Zeedan to launder his dirty cash through the Speed Daal books. Shocked and angry in equal measure, Yasmeen is even angrier when she realises that Zeedan had a hand in the fire that almost killed Stu.

At the restaurant launch, Yasmeen makes a speech about family values and respect. But what will she do about their confession?

After discovering that Yasmeen has disowned Alya and Zeedan, Marrium demands to know what's going on. But when Zeedan refuses to be drawn, Marrium takes offence and asserts that if he can’t be honest with her, they should call it a day.

When Zeedan tells Alya that it’s time he told Marrium the truth about the money laundering or he’ll lose her for good, Alya warns him that he’s in danger of losing his family instead. What will he do?

Later, after suggesting they use Hashim’s dirty money to pay for somewhere else to live, Alya tells Zeedan it's a terrible idea.

When Bernie calls at Speed Daal with a collection box for Joseph’s appeal, Yasmeen eyes the box thoughtfully. And when Ryan reveals that someone has made an anonymous donation of £30k to Joseph’s reward fund, Zeedan and Alya suspect their Gran of giving away Hashim’s cash.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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