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Yasmeen finally hears the truth from Stu, realising she's fallen for another liar in Corrie

Can their relationship survive?

Yasmeen and Alya are worried for Eliza as she puts her earpods on in the café and refuses to engage. Knowing how upset she was when Dom failed to turn up for Christmas, Stu feels wretched and calls Dom, leaving a message for him to tell him that Eliza is very upset fears he made a mistake.

Later, Yasmeen is horrified when Stu finally admits that it’s his fault Dom did a disappearing act as he paid him £10k to stay away from Eliza thinking it was in her best interests and now he won’t come back.

Confiding in Roy about Stu’s duplicitous behaviour, Yasmeen tells him how yet again she’s fallen for a man who does nothing but lies to her.

Coronation Street continues Christmas Day to 29th December on ITV1


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