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Yasmeen is charged for 'killing her husband' in Corrie

As she faces the consequences of her actions.

After knocking Geoff unconscious with a wine bottle, Yasmeen dials 999 and tells the operator she’s killed her husband.

As Peter, Brian and Cathy head out of the pub, they see an ambulance and two police cars pull up outside No.6 and has Tim runs towards the house, a police officer blocks his path.

Inside, the paramedics tend to Geoff as Yasmeen arrives at the police station to find Imran waiting for her, having taken a call from Ryan.

Meanwhile in the Rovers, the police question the regulars about Geoff and Yasmeen’s relationship.

As an exhausted Yasmeen sits in her police cell, the police search No.6 for evidence, unaware that they’re being filmed on Geoff’s CCTV. And when Alya returns from Spain and heads straight to the police station.

After telling Sally that Geoff has been controlling Yasmeen for months and that she has never had a drink problem, Alya then addresses Yasmeen’s friends in the Rovers.

But as the police interview Yasmeen, Imran watches on as a bewildered and upset Yasmeen is charged.


Coronation Street continues Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th May at 7.30pm on ITV

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