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Yasmeen left all alone in Corrie as Cathy and Elaine move out

After Cathy's hoarding gets out of control.

Whilst Cathy and Elaine enthuse over the new exercise bike, Yasmeen confides in Alya that the house is starting to feel crowded and she longs for a bit of peace and quiet.

At No.6, Yasmeen, Elaine and Cathy are horrified to spot a mouse and as a fearful Yasmeen, Elaine and Cathy scour the room, looking for the mouse, Elaine blames Cathy and her slovenly ways for enticing mice into the house.

As Cathy runs upstairs, upset, a despairing Yasmeen resolves to call pest control. To Yasmeen’s relief, Ryan catches the mouse. But the hunt for the rodent has unearthed a mountain of boxes and Roy tells Elaine about Cathy’s hoarding problem.

When Cathy finds Elaine and Brian searching her room, she is forced into admitting to Brian that her hoarding is out of control again and she’s ashamed.

Knowing she's outstayed her welcome, Elaine has decided to move out of Yasmeen's and move away. Tim is disappointed to find this out and shows Elaine into No.4, explaining to Sally that he’s invited her to live with them.

When Cathy announces that she’s moving out too. as it’s time she went home and got her life back on track, Yasmeen admits she’ll miss them both as they’re wonderful friends.

And Sally's annoyed to catch Tim tucking into a full English breakfast and reminds Elaine about his heart condition. Elaine’s chastened.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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