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Yasmeen risks losing everything in Corrie as she struggles to pay her debts

Could Tim be her saviour?

After Yasmeen flees from Speed Daal after a customer asks about Geoff, Eileen suggests they remove all traces of him from the restaurant. But in doing so, Alya unearths a stack of unopened final demand letters.

Opening the pile of final demands, Alya's concerns mount and worried that the stress could tip her Gran over the edge, she resolves to seek professional advice.

But when Imran reminds her that Yasmeen has yet to settle her legal fees, Alya realises that her Gran’s financial problems are worse than she could have imagined. After making an appointment at the bank for tomorrow, Alya tells Yasmeen that their only hope is to explain how Geoff forced her into taking out the debts.

When Alya suggests selling the community centre to pay her debts, Yasmeen won't hear of it and searches in vain for her old jewellery box, explaining how she could sell some of the jewellery Sharif bought her.

As Alya finds the jewellery box, they're interrupted by a knock at the door - two bailiffs demanding payment of debts. After Alya tries to persuade the bailiffs that Yasmeen isn’t responsible for the debts, they explain how they'll be putting in place a repayment plan. But if Yasmeen Yasmeen fails to keep up the payments, they will seize goods instead.

After attending their meeting with the bank manager, they're told the debt is Yasmeen's responsibility as she signed the loan agreements and Yasmeen suffers another panic attack. Convinced the manager is Geoff, she flees the room and returns home - where Alya urges her to sell the community centre.

Knowing that they’re all doing their best to help, Yasmeen tells Alya, Ryan and Elaine that they have to let her start making some of her own decisions if she’s to move on.

After a call from Geoff’s solicitor, a shocked Tim reveals to Sally that according to Geoff’s will, he now owns half of No.6 and a quarter of Speed Daal.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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