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Yasmeen stabs Geoff and leaves him for dead in Corrie

Could Geoff’s reign of terror finally be over?

After months of watching Geoff's coercive control over Yasmeen Metcalfe, isolating her from her friends and family, stealing money from her, chipping away at her confidence, belittling her, locking her in a magicians box and even forcing her to eat her own pet chicken, Geoff’s reign of terror could finally be over.

Still feeling under the weather, Yasmeen heads to the medical centre and is informed by Dr. Gaddas that she has tested positive for chlamydia. Immediately accusing her of infidelity, Geoff is outraged when she brings up him sleeping with escorts.

Changing tack, Geoff declares she caught the STI from Sharif. Hurt and confused, what will Yasmeen believe? After ranting and raving, Geoff leaves for the corner shop and as he's out checks his secret security camera feed on his phone and sees Yasmeen stuffing clothes in a holdall and locking it in a cupboard by the stairs.

When he returns home, Geoff innocently asks Yasmeen for the key to the cupboard. Panicking, Yasmeen pretends to search high and low, but after playing along with the charade, Geoff grabs it out of her pocket and forces her to unlock the cupboard.

As a fragile Yasmeen descends the stairs, Geoff reveals that he’s confiscated her phone and locks her in the house as he heads out.

When Geoff returns, Sally calls over the fence to them both in the garden, inviting them to join them as guests at the reopening of the bistro. As they get ready to leave, Geoff looks at Yasmeen’s dress with contempt before handing her an overtly sexy dress and orders her to put it on.

Feeling self conscious, Yasmeen allows Geoff to steer her to the Rovers where Sally and Tim raise a toast to them, discovering that Geoff has agreed to pay for their wedding.

Back at No.6, Geoff viciously reveals that he bought the sexy dress for one of his many escorts. As the pair struggle, Yasmeen reaches for a wine bottle and lashes out at Geoff in a moment of terror as he slumps to the ground with a neck wound.

As she realises what she's done she stares helplessly at her husband lying on the floor with blood pouring from his wound. Terrified and shaking Yasmeen dials 999 and tells the operator “I’ve just killed my husband.”

But has she really killed him? And will anyone believe she acted in self defence after months of abuse?


Coronation Street continues Monday 27th, Wednesday 29th April and Friday 1st May at 7.30pm on ITV


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