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Zack and Whitney clash in Milton Keynes after she grows attached to troubled Britney in EastEnders

When Zack returns to Walford alone, will Whitney ever rejoin him?


This week, EastEnders will air two special episodes following Whitney during her time in Milton Keynes. Back in January, following their unexpected pregnancy, both she and Zack left Walford to visit Bianca. But we'll soon discover that their stay has been far from smooth-sailing.

After growing concerned for the wellbeing of a child on Bianca’s estate, Whitney quickly finds herself embroiled in drama after she learns that Britney has not attended school since 2020, and is therefore considered a ‘Ghost Child’ by her absence from the education system.

The special episodes will cover five weeks’ worth of storyline as we follow Whitney in her attempt to intervene in Britney’s troublesome familial situation, but it’s not long before things escalate after a showdown with Britney’s mother causes the young girl to flee.

Arriving in Milton Keynes to visit Bianca, Whitney and Zack are immediately met with discontent from two local children, Britney and Taylor.

As Whitney tells Bianca about her pregnancy, she asks her to keep it secret from Sonia.

A few weeks later, Whitney starts to form a kinship with Britney after she and her brother join the family for dinner at Bianca’s.

Later, Whitney grows concerned for her after finding her rifling through the bins for food. Which forces Bianca to reveal that her mother Keeley struggles with a drug addiction.

Two days later, after finding the pair locked outside of their flat, Bianca invites Britney and Taylor indoors and a furious Whitney heads to Keeley’s to demand an explanation.

As we're brought back to the present day, Zack and Bianca attempt to convince Whitney to return to Walford who heads to Britney's school and is shocked to discover that Britney hasn’t been enrolled since 2020.

Arriving back at Bianca's, Whitney is surprised to be greeted by Sonia.

Things soon go from bad to worse when she eyes a gash on Britney’s leg. As Whitney heads to Britney’s for a showdown with Keeley, things soon get out of hand and Britney makes a dash for it, with Whitney quickly following behind.

Trying to get Britney to slow down, Whitney promises to look out for her, and when Britney accidentally steps out in front of a speeding car, Whitney pushes her out of the way, getting hit in the process.

Rushing to Whitney’s aid, Zack, Bianca and Sonia find her lying semi-conscious on the floor and she's rushed to the hospital and everyone worries about the baby’s safety as she waits for an ultrasound.

Later, Zack, Bianca and Sonia are relieved when the doctor reveals that the baby is fine.

When Zack and Whitney arrive back at Bianca’s, they learn that Keeley has been arrested for drug dealing and Britney has gone missing.

Ignoring Bianca’s advice, Whitney heads out in search of Britney and it's not long before Zack calls to let her know he has found the missing girl.

Later, Whitney comes to blows with Zack after offering to look after Britney whilst the social worker sorts out official plans. When Zack disagrees, he heads back to Walford without her.

Once Zack has left, Whitney heads to Keeley’s to share some home truths about her parenting. But Keeley reasons that if Whitney really cared about Britney, she would take her off of her hands.

Elsewhere, Sonia and Bianca have a heart-to-heart about Sonia’s struggles to conceive.

Back on the Square, a downbeat Zack bumps into Lauren and Penny on Whitney’s stall and Sonia is unimpressed to learn that Zack has left Whitney in Milton Keynes. Stunned to learn about the accident and Whitney’s pregnancy, Lauren has a heart-to-heart with Zack.

Calling Whitney, Lauren shares her concerns for Zack after he drowns his sorrows in The Vic, but she remains firm on wanting to stay in Milton Keynes.

As she stops Zack from drinking himself into oblivion, Lauren offers to get him some food to sober up, but Zack misreads the situation when Lauren offers advice on his relationship and leans in to kiss her.

Elsewhere, as Sonia's yearn for a baby of her own grows, she steps in to look after baby Charli and later, Reiss tries to cheer herup. However, his over-the-top gestures soon grate on her.

Later, in the café, Sonia reveals her plight following their fertility struggles and confesses that Whitney is pregnant and she feels guilty for the jealousy she holds because of it. When Reiss suggests that she should start journalling her feelings, will Sonia take his advice?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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