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Zack announces HIV diagnosis publicly as he plans a future with Whitney in EastEnders

But is he moving too fast for her?

Feeling more positive now that Sharon and Martin know about his diagnosis, Zack gets excited by the idea of getting a flat with Whitney and trying for another baby when his viral load comes down.

After approaching Ravi for a loan for a deposit, Zack leaves Whitney blindsided when he shares the exciting news with her.

Later, with Martin and Whitney in The Vic, Zack clashes with Ben who accuses him of being a coward and refusing to fight. How will he react when Zack tells the entire pub that he dropped out because he’s HIV positive?

As the punters in The Vic reel from Zack's announcement, back at home, Martin comforts Zack and implores him to look to his future with Whitney and not rush into anything and later he apologises to Whitney for rushing, and promises to go slow.

Meanwhile, at Walford East, Nugget makes Ravi feel small when he reads him the riot act about being so ignorant about HIV.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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