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Zack decides to face up to things in EastEnders and take responsibility

Will Whitney give him a second chance?

Preparing for the tasting at Walford East, Zack pretends to be confident and as Suki and Nish head to the restaurant, they overhear Chelsea talking about Zack deserting Whitney and the baby.

Although the tasting starts well, Zack is rattled by Suki’s nit-picking and disapproval regarding Whitney. And when Zack smashes a glass and cuts his hand, he loses it and storms out! Later, Zack realises he needs to face up to things.

As Whitney prepares for her baby scan, she has a chat with Martin who thinks Zack is just uptight about being a dad. And as Zack steels himself to take responsibility, Whitney heads off to the scan with Chelsea, Felix, Finlay and Sonia and he watches them go.

At the hospital, Whitney is overwhelmed with love to see her baby for the first time. Desperate to know the results of the baby's tests, Zack asks Sonia, which gets back to Whitney, who wonders if she should give him another chance.

Later, when Whitney gets a text from the clinic, she's a bag of nerves, so Zack offers to support her as she opens it. Thanking him, Whitney tells Zack that it'd be best if he kept his distance.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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