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Zack left shattered by Whitney's pregnancy in EastEnders

Will he stand by Whitney and the baby?

Determined to throw Whitney a fabulous 30th birthday party, Finlay and Felix manage to convince Sam to give them a good deal on Peggy’s.

When Whitney bumps into Stacey at the pharmacy, it turns out they are both there for the same thing... a pregnancy test! With only one pregnancy test pack of two left, they decide to buy it and take the tests together.

At No.31, they take the tests but are interrupted before they can tell each other the results.

Back at No.1, Felix and Finlay excitedly tell Whitney the party news. When left alone with Chelsea, Whitney reveals she’s pregnant with Zack’s baby.

Elsewhere, Zack is thrilled to discover he’s been hired as the new chef at Walford East. With Zack excited to start his new job, Whitney tries to pluck up the courage to tell him she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile, Jean and Eve find a positive pregnancy test in the bin and jump to the conclusion that it belongs to Stacey. Amused that jean thinks she's pregnant, Stacey admits that the test is Whitney's and swears Jean to secrecy.

In the market, Whitney asks Zack for a word, but he’s distracted by a call from a random fling and starts flirting. Hurt by Zack’s actions, Whitney goes home and tells Chelsea that he’s too much of a player to be her baby’s dad. But Chelsea advises her to give him a chance.

Later at Walford East, Jean bumps into Zack and mistakenly thinks he knows about Whitney's pregnancy. Fuelled by fear and childhood trauma, Zack’s world shatters.

Back at No.1, it’s Whitney’s 30th birthday and when she tells Finlay and Felix about the baby, they promise to help her raise the child, with or without Zack. But what will happen when Whitney goes to speak to Zack?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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