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After a record-breaking year for votes, this year's big winners are Bodyguard, Doctor Who, This Morning and brothers Paul and Barry Chuckle.

The 2018 I Talk Telly Awards were the biggest yet, with 84 million Twitter impressions and a total of 266,400 votes registered, up considerably from last year's 70,000.


This year's winners are...

Decided solely by Elliot Gonzalez, Founder of I Talk Telly

They say that if you grew up in the nineties, you were either a BBC or an ITV kid, referring to the channel you switched on as soon as you got home from school.

For me, I'd walk through the front door, get changed out of my uniform and then sit in front of the television watching BBC One until Neighbours came on. 


Growing up, CBBC was home to some of my favourite programmes including The Queen's Nose, Grange Hill and Blue Peter, but one series which I enjoyed more than any other was ChuckleVision.


So it was only right that I honoured the series with the inaugural Special Recognition Award. As a child, nothing made me laugh more than the antics of Paul and Barry Chuckle (The Chuckle Brothers), played by real-life brothers Paul and Barry Elliott.

The series ran for an incredible 22 years, 21 series and 292 episodes and each 15/20 minute episode would centre around the two hapless brothers as they tried their hand at a number of tasks and professions.

Over the years they became plumbers, carpet fitters, removal men, decorators, waiters, butlers, bakers, magicians, caretakers, wrestlers, circus entertainers, hairdressers and even Safari Park keepers! You name it, they probably did it!

The series has cemented itself in popular culture with the series' main catchphrase "To me, to you" being used almost daily up and down the country. And on a personal note, I truly believe that my love affair with television comedy began with ChuckleVision.

So to write this, having interviewed the brothers twice is pretty surreal.

On the 5th August 2018, Barry sadly passed away at the age of 73 and the outpouring of love and admiration for him and the series was inescapable. People of all ages and demographics were sharing their fond memories of ChuckleVision. To still be remembered with such fondness all these years on, is a huge achievement. And one which should be recognised, celebrated and never forgotten.

For kickstarting my love for television comedy and bringing the world ChuckleVision I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and Barry for all that they have done.