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A single Yolande comes back into Patrick's life in EastEnders

Will they decide to give things another shot?

After Kim recruits him to dish out love advice in her latest 'Kimfluencer' video, a reluctant Patrick starts dispensing relationship wisdom on camera until he's interrupted by the arrival of a special visitor... Yolande!

On her arrival, Yolande tells Patrick that her boyfriend Anton has thrown her out and she wants to stay with him. Nervous, Patrick isn't sure that's a good idea. Feeling bruised, Yolande leaves in a huff.

And whilst Kim wants to know why Patrick isn't fighting to win Yolande back, Denise tries to convince Yolande to stay.

Following her heart-to-heart with Yolande, Denise begs Patrick to take the chance to tell Yolande how much he cares before she leaves forever.

With a big decision to make, will Patrick put his heart on the line or let his true love go back to Birmingham and a man she doesn't love?

As Patrick and Yolande head to the laundrette to talk, they both consider whether they're each other's future. Or just ghosts from the past.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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