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Aaron is pushed to breaking point and runs away from his responsibilities in Neighbours

When Aaron disappears, will Nicolette allow herself to grieve David?


As a gang of kids cause trouble in the Complex with vandalism and graffiti, Cara discovers that Paul's portrait has been badly damaged and assumes it was the gang.

However, when Aaron sees the painting, his furor towards Paul makes Cara second guess her assumption. With Aaron more angry than anyone realised, he later lashes out, unable to control himself.

After Aaron’s confrontation with Slade, Andrew tries to talk sense into him, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

With an inability to cope with his grief as well as the demands of being a parent, Aaron runs away from his responsibilities and having had enough, Nicolette, herself tired and emotional, snaps.

As everyone worries about Aaron's sudden disappearance, Nicolette struggles to feel any sympathy. Whilst he's only acting out of deep blinding grief, as far as Nicolette's concerned, he's abandoned their family and left her in the unenviable position of trying to explain to Isla where he's gone.

Clearly troubled by the disappearance of her other father, Isla starts to fear that Nicolette might disappear as well.

With Jane’s unwavering support, Nicolette is given some time and space to decompress, and for the first time since David's death, she finally releases her own deep feelings of grief.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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