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Abigail's hospital dash brings Leo and Krista closer together in Neighbours

Moving in for a kiss, could this be the start of a reunion?


Leo is alarmed to discover Abigail has eaten some pills from a bag she found on the ground and it's worry all-around as Remi explains that without being able to identify the pills, they’ll have to pump Abigail’s stomach.

Guilt-ridden, Krista pipes up and identifies the contents as opioids from Shannon

After being administered a reversing agent, Abigail is back to full health but Leo remains out for blood and confronts Shannon, informing her that he’s passed on the bag with her fingerprints to the police and vows to personally finish her if she comes near his family or friends again.

Although Krista is glad to hear Shannon will be staying away, her self-loathing and guilt flares over bringing danger to Abigail. However, Leo asserts that Krista supported him and his daughter when they needed her and it made him realise that the two of them just fit.

As Leo assures that he wants Krista, they move in for a kiss, happily witnessed by Paul.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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