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Adam meets with Harvey in prison as Damon and Sarah grow closer in Corrie

Is Adam about to make a deal with the devil to get rid of Damon?

After spending the night together and clearly loved up, Sarah invites Damon to join her family for a drink later. Agreeing, he says he must visit Harvey first. As Sarah and Damon head out of Redbank, Adam watches, consumed with rage.

Visiting Harvey in prison, Damon is told that if he pulls any more stunts, he’s dead meat and Damon loses his temper when Harvey makes a threat regarding Sarah. As the guards drag him away, Dee-Dee clocks their exchange from across the room.

As Damon joins Sarah and her family in the bistro, Audrey, Gail and Nick make their disapproval evident and Adam storms over telling Sarah he knows about Damon’s prison visit and doesn’t want him anywhere near Harry.

But Adam is cut when Sarah reminds him that Harry isn’t even his son and calls the prison, to make an appointment to visit Harvey. Will Adam make a deal with the devil?

Vising Harvey in prison, Adam makes out that he’s looked over his files and has got a watertight case for an appeal, but Harvey warns Adam that if he lets him down, the hitman who’s going to deal with Damon will deal with him too.

When Damon apologises to Adam for the mix-up over Harry’s tea, Adam assures him it’s forgotten, but his contempt for Damon is evident. Meeting up with Harvey’s sidekick, Adam hands over a wad of cash and instructs him to scare Damon off. As the thug pockets the cash and walks away, Adam suffers a panic attack.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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